How to use iMessage on iOS 5 devices?

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Message application has finally arrived in Apple based iOS5 devices. The launch of this new application is expected to bring smiles to all those iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users since they will be able to send text messages and MMS between each other free of cost! This latest feature can be considered as a means of instant messaging for the iOS5 users. The messaging is done via Wi-Fi or 3G connections.


How to use iMessage on iOS 5 devices?


The initial requirements from the user’s point of view includes the updation of your Apple devices such as iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G as well as iPad2 and iPad to iOS5. But there is no need of any OS updation in iPhone 4S since you get iOS5 pre-loaded in it at the time you buy the device itself.


Setting up of iMessage in iOS5


In order to set up iMessage application in your iOS5 device, the following steps have to be followed:

  • Click Settings

  • Search for Messages Tab

  • Click Messages

  • Then search for iMessage

  • On the right side of iMessage, if the button is turned OFF, users will have to turn it ON

  • The following steps will prompt iMessage to get the phone number as well as Apple ID automatically





Setting up of iMessage in iOS5 manually

  • In Apple ID box, enter the Apple ID that users make use of in your iTunes as well as App Store

  • If the users don’t have an Apple ID, don’t worry! There is a ‘Create New Account’ page where you can create a new Apple ID

  • Once the Apple ID is setup for any of your iOS5 devices, the iMessage application is now enabled


Sending messages using iMessage

  • Users can use the same ‘Messages’ option in order to send messages from users device to the other user who also makes use of an iOS5 device

  • One of the most important point that the users will have to take note of is that if iMessage is enabled in your device, ‘SEND’ button will be denoted in blue color

  • If iMessage is not enabled, the SEND button will be denoted in Green color and the messages will be sent as a regular sms instead of as an iMessage



IMessage is an instant messaging application that was introduced by Apple especially for iOS5 based devices.


An additional feature that comes with iMessage includes the ability to chat with more than two people by means of ‘group chat’. Another important feature is that all the iMessages are encrypted in nature. The users will also be able to see whether the user on the other side is typing a message or not.

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