How Tripbirds can be used as a social travel site?

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Tripbirds is considered to be a social travel app that will allow the users to signup as well as begin planning their trips mainly based on the suggestions from their friends.

How Tripbirds can be used as a social travel site?

  • One of the main objectives of this app is to accumulate the data that is existing from the user’s Facebook as well as Foursquare and Instagram profiles etc

  • By means of analysing those data, the app will start recommending the users a list of places that they can visit as well as stay, eat and explore also

  • One of the major attractions of this app is that it places a layer on the top of the social networks that will help the users in exploring the interesting places that they visit as well as the places that the users can avoid

  • The app is considered to be still in its beta stage

The company believes that there is a lot of potential existing in this segment with immense opportunities for growth followed by innovations.

  • The app’s home screen page has been designed in such an attractive way that it resembles that of an airmail envelope

  • On the top right of the page, users can see options such as

    • My Trips

    • To-Do’s

    • My Profile

  • On the centre of the home page, users can see tabs that represents

    • News Feed

    • Places

    • Hotels

    • My To-Do’s

  • Users will be also able to see the total number of friends that have visited the user’s profile page

  • On the top-right corner of the page, users will be able to see options such as;

    • Recommend a place

    • Plan a Trip here

  • Once the user clicks the option that represents ‘Plan a Trip here’, the users will be taken to a new page

  • On the page, users will have to enter the information regarding the place where the user wishes to travel

  • Then the page will also ask for the time of journey which is provide with two options such as

    • Some Time in the future

    • Set Date

  • If the user clicks on ‘Set date’, then the users will have to select the start date as well as the end date from the calendar that is displayed on the page

  • Then finally the users will have to click on ‘Create Trip’

  • Thus the app will recommend the users about the places that they can visit as well as not to visit by analysing the recommendations that the users receive from friends in social networking sites such as Foursquare as well as Facebook etc

This is how users can make use of Tripbirds as a social travel site.

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