10 simple Google Search tricks to get the right results: Use Google like a Pro

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The search engine Google is used by a maximum number of people to find directions, cinema references, information about products, weather data and the schedule or information about your favorite places and various other details. There are certain things that you can follow simply to make your search efficient and effective. The search engine is quite simple and it was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

10 simple Google Search tricks to get the right results


10 Simple Google Search tricks to get the right results

Using simple and short keywords

Since search becomes easier by just matching the words, it is best to use short and simple words that can easily appear on the web to give the best results. It's always best to start with two or three short words which will match the keywords. Accordingly, you can add more words to it to redefine your search.

Forgetting the punctuation and the spelling

The search engine provides the spelling of the words by default. The common spelling is easily provided so you won't be facing any problems regarding wrong spellings or correcting your mistakes.

Comparing foods using ‘vs’

Comparing foods using ‘vs’

Simply typing Rice vs Wheat is enough when you cannot decide between pizza or burger or any other snacks. The side by side comparisons is also very helpful.

Checking the web history

This is an interesting feature of the search engine of Google. It provides you with a timeline of actions, the records of all the sites that you have visited and it will also help you in searching your own online history.

Using exact phrases

If you wish to search for the exact phrase, you should just simply put quotation marks beside the search so that you can search exactly what you are looking for. It will help in excluding the relevant details or results.

Searching for news archives

The Google news in the search section offers you with news that is almost 100 years old. They have archived news from all the newspapers that are published all over the world.

Do a barrel roll while doing the search

This fun function can be used by writing it without the quotes. It has been built by the engineers to improve your search easily.

Keeping it precise yet simple

If you search with a specific word, you will get relevant results. If it is not used by many users, the exact details or the pages cannot be found.

Keeping things simple

Start using a basic word or name to keep things simple as a log of variations is not required. If you have any specific location or place, then you should first write the name of the area or the city. You can even search it with the pin code.

Avoid capitalizing the words

Since Google search engine is not case sensitive, you should avoid capitalizing the words. It will make the search easier and the results can also be found very easily.

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