13 DIY Methods to Fix your iPhone with Common Household Items

    The iPhone and Mac are very precious to the owners. And if anything is to happen to them, we go into a panic attack. Repairing them will cost a lot of money, and will take days or weeks until you get them back.

    But what if you could save all that money and just use basic household materials that can be used to fix some of the issues you face with your iPhone and/or Mac. Here is a list of it.


    If your iPhone's TouchID seems too sticky or does not seem to work like it is supposed to, then worry not. Using a cotton swab and a little bit of alcohol will set things right. Watch it know more!


    iPhones having a Lightning cable may sometimes not be charging your device at the speed it should be. This may be because there is dirt caught between the gaps in the charging ports. You can use a skinny tool like toothpicks to clear the dirt with ease.


    The EarPods are Apple's best creation so far when it comes to music. But it's also easy to get messy after a couple of uses. So how would you clean it? You can use a toothpick again to clear the edges, and also use the pencil eraser over the speaker grills.

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    The iPhone speaker grills can sometimes start to lose their loud clarity. And if you're really in the mood to listen to your songs or take calls in a hands-free way, then placing the iPhone in a hollow, empty bowl will help a lot.


    The one great disadvantage that we still suffer from owning a headphone is horrible skinning of the tips and exposure of the wiring. If you've already got a damaged one, then it will be easy to fix it by using Plastic Dip around the damaged ends.


    Another solution for fixing the exposed wiring is to use Sugru, a moldable glue that is reminiscent of play-dough. You can wrap these around the damaged ends and also use it to replace the missing stands on your Mac.


    Sugru can also come in handy to create protection for the edges of your phone. You can as creative as you want and give the best presentations.



    If you've got yourself a new pair of headphones, then it might not be too late to protect from being damaged. Using the spring from an old pen, you can place it the base of the audio jack or even your USB cables to reduce their damage.

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    So want your smartphone to stand upright while you're at work. There is no need to buy another accessory. All you need to do is head over to the supplies area, grab two binder clips and clip them both one within the other. Voila!


    If you want to take things mobile, then this is the best solution. You grab a cardboard or an old credit card and transform it into your own personal pocket mobile stand. Watch the video to know more.


    Note everyone can afford an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. But what if you had your own iPad and created your own version of the Apple Pencil. Read here to know more.

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    Getting your iPhone wet is amongst the worst experience you can have. And placing it in a bin of rice is not the only solution to solve it. The silica gel packs we find in new shoes or bottles can be saved for such emergencies.


    It really stresses one out when you can't find the sim removal tool of the phone. It would be beneficial to keep a paper clip with you at all times.


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