5 Annoying Problems of 4G LTE Network in India and How to Fix Them

    With the launch of Reliance Jio 4G network in India, consumers are going crazy over their 4G LTE services. Now, what is important for Jio is that the network is completely 4G-ready in the country, which means that there is no drop out of service into 3G or 2G.

    5 Annoying Problems of 4G LTE Network in India and How to Fix Them

    Likewise, almost every telecom operator including Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone etc. are pushing hard to capture the 4G market presence. Having said that, the 4G LTE service users are facing a lot of annoying issues like signal, call drops, speed and more.

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    Hence today GIZBOT, has listed some of the common 4G LTE problems and possible solutions for them. Take a look, you can thank us later!

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    No Signal for 4G

    One of the major issue with the 4G service as several users complaining about that there is no signal on their smartphones even though their SIM card is 4G supported. This is simply because of your smartphone. Make sure that your smartphone has support for 4G LTE because some of the smartphones are limited to 3G network itself.

    3G Signal on 4G Smartphones

    Well, this is also faced by many users. The simple solution for this problem is that your area doesn't cover the 4G supported area and as a result, you'll be getting a 3G signal. Make sure that your area is covered under operator's 4G serviceable area.

    Slow Data Speeds

    The main motto of a 4G network is to deliver high data speeds, however, many users are facing slow data speed issues, which is quite underwhelming. The solution for this is to delete the APN in your smartphone and reset the APN, which will increase the data speeds.

    Network Band Issues

    To be technical, the 4G network is issued under various band spectrums such as 1800MHz, 2300MHz, 800MHz and available as various bands such as Band 40, etc. Some smartphones have support for all the bands, while the other phones simply don't support. So, choose your smartphone according to your network's band.

    Call Drop Issues

    When you are on a call and suddenly your network drops to 3G or 2G, then your call will also be disconnected, which is faced by many users. However, there is no solution for this issue rather than monitoring your signal.


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