5 Steps to Get Unlimited Internet Access in Your BSNL Broadband Connection

    It is known that most service providers impose a limit on the broadband bandwidth used by the consumers. It could be annoying to get a warning that you are not able to browse or download more because you have reached the limit that you have subscribed to you.

    5 Steps to Get Unlimited Internet Access from BSNL Broadband Service

    Think of the fact that you are paying for a product that is restricted after reaching a specific limit , especially when you want unlimited access. Some service providers come up with a smart way and offer unlimited broadband limit with a reduction in speed after a certain level of usage.

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    If you think that your service provider is not fair enough when it comes to offering unlimited internet access to you, you can breach the BSNL broadband limit that is imposed by the company. Remember that you are doing this at your own risk.

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    Get to know the concept first

    The concept that is detailed here to bypass the broadband limit of BSNL is Ping of Death. This method involves sending data packets of 32 bytes. You will not send data packages that are over 32 bytes. It is a type of ping-flooding that will flood the service with a huge ping traffic.

    The server will not be able to keep up with the usual traffic and it will consider that your IP address and internet connection are resetting to the system. Eventually, the system will fail to register the actual bandwidth usage.


    Command Prompt is used

    You need to open Command Prompt on your laptop or desktop from Start → Run. Over there, you need to type 'ipconfig' or 'ipconfig/all'. The ping flooding concept will work only if you change your IP address from here.

    Do you use a modem?

    If you are using a USB based modem, you can find the name of the modem instead of that of the LAN. You will get an IP address and this is a normal one for a broadband. Remember that the IP address is only the IPv4 address or the one based on your hardware.

    Ping the IP

    The next step is to ping the IP. You need to type 'ping [IP address] -t' in the command prompt (without the bracket). This is important to carry out the ping flooding process.

    And, you're done!

    That's it! You are done with bypassing the broadband limit allocated to you by BSNL. With this trick, you can stay connected as long as you are online and you will get unlimited usage of the internet bandwidth.

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