5 Tricks to Try When You Can't Open an Email Attachment

    It happens that many of us fail to open an email attachment and hence might miss on reading some very important emails.

    5 Tricks to Try When You Can't Open an Email Attachment

    It is an extremely common sight to have faced issues regarding opening an email attachment.

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    To our notice, every email attachment is meant to open with a particular program. However, in case the program isn't available on your device, there is a high chance that some emails might not open.

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    So here at GizBot we have come up with a few solutions if you get a message from stating "Windows can't open this file."

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    Your Correspondent Uses Microsoft Word that You Don't Have

    If you are not able to open an email attachment and key reason behind this may be that your correspondent must have sent you the file using a different version of the program and you might not have it.

    To avoid this issue, the user can simply download a free viewer from Microsoft and save themselves from any future problems.

    You Have an Older Version of Office

    The email recipient often might have an older version of Office and receives an from a newer file format DOCX or XLSX from Office 2007 or some other.

    This is because older versions of Office won't open any new XML formats, and the user can get the file converted with Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open any and every email attachment.

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    Some Image Files Fail to Open

    Sending or receiving images over email consumes a lot of time, and energy, and often fails to download or open.

    To combat this problem, installing programs like freeware IrfanView and its plugins are mandatory to allow the user to handle almost any graphics format.

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    Most Multimedia Files Don't Play

    There exists quite a number of issues in opening both audio and video file attachments. This is because there are incompatible file formats like Windows Media Player that will not open RealPlayer or QuickTime files.

    All that the user needs to do is to install players for these formats.

    Mac Files Doesn't Open on Windows

    Friends sending files from their Apple laptop in Mac format will obviously not open on Windows.

    All the user need to do to recognize the Mac file is by checking the file extension and request the correspondent to send the file in some other format.

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