5 Warning Signs to Spot a Fake WhatsApp Account

    Creating a fake account, whether on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform is extremely easy and simple. This is where the privacy of these social media platforms comes into consideration.

    5 Warning Signs to Spot a Fake WhatsApp Account

    The rising number of fake accounts all over several social media is a matter of concern for the users as well as the social media platforms.

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    It is often extremely difficult to distinguish between a fake and a real account, which might land us into trouble sometimes.

    Here are 5 signs that can enable you to easily spot a fake WhatsApp account.

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    Spot a Fake WhatsApp Account with Spoof Number

    There are several ways to create a fake WhatsApp account with a Spoof number. These spoof numbers are often U.S. numbers, so in case you suddenly receive a message from a weird number, beware it can be a fake WhatsApp account.

    Numbers Starting from (Plus) 1 It Can be Fake

    If someone texts you on WhatsApp from a number starting from +1, there's a possibility that the account has been created using voxox app. Remember there is a high possibility that any number starting with +1 can be fake.

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    Numbers Starting from (Plus) 44 It Can also be Fake

    In case you suddenly receive a WhatsApp message from an unknown number starting from +44, there's a high possibility that the number came be fake. WhatsApp accounts created with Fw calls generates such U.K. based numbers.

    WhatsApp Display Picture and Status is an Important Indication

    If a WhatsApp account has a picture of a cartoon or any other, but not their photo, and the status 'Hey there! I'm using WhatsApp' message shows the update some minutes or hours back its high indication of being a fake account.

    In this case, there is a high possibility that account can be a fake one.

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    Beware of Fake Accounts

    Fake accounts whether its WhatsApp or any other is a common phenomenon, and spotting them is really not easy. So before you speak to anyone unknown it is important to check whether you are conversing with a person on a fake account or not.


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