5 Ways to Prevent Your Reliance LYF Phones From Exploding

After a Reliance LYF phone explosion, here're a few ways that you can try to avoid such incidents in future.

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Whether it's about the call drop issue and poor customer service problem, Reliance Jio has been facing a tough competition from the other telecoms for quite some time now.
However, there's another issue that Reliance Jio is going through, and it is the LYF phone explosion, which has again occurred.

5 Ways to Prevent Your Reliance LYF Phones From Exploding

It is right after the LYF phones have been introduced that the Jio LYF Water 1 model exploded, it seems that history is repeating itself yet again, after another Reliance Jio LYF phone exploded yesterday.

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Today, one common thing about all smartphones, whether an expensive or a cheaper one are mobile explosion incidents. After Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7, and other smartphones exploded, its now the turn for the new Reliance LYF phones.

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However, before the LYF phone explode becomes a massacre like that of Note 7's, here are 5 ways that every LYF phone user can try it out to avoid any such smartphone explode situation.

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Phone's Overheating? Stop Charging Immediately

It often happens with several smartphones that it overheats while putting in charge, which in turn can create burns and explode later.

However, if experienced such a situation, you can simply take off the phone from charging and allow it to cool down before you put it in charge the next time.


Use only First-party Chargers

Smartphone users should always stick to the charger provided with the phone box when purchased. Charging your phone with a USB Type-C port or a quick charger is not recommended.

Avoid Putting Your LYF Phone on Charge In Bed

We often tend to out our phone on charge when in bed, and watching movie, web series and more. However, putting your phone in charge in bed should be avoided, as it can cause overheating, which is surely not good for your mobile's health.

Avoid Using Phone While Charging

Manufacturers often warn to not use phones while on charge. The reason is that charging produces a huge amount of heat, and using it at that time can overheat the mobile, which is the key reason behind battery explode.

Never Use Old or Physically Damaged Batteries

In case your mobile battery is damaged, replace it immediately, and always opt for original batteries, as there are several cheap batteries available in the market. One more key aspect that should be kept in mind, the phone should always be kept in well-ventilated area.

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