Reliance Jio Orange Pack vs Blue Pack: What's the Difference?

If you clearly observe, some users of Reliance Jio has received Jio 4G SIM cards in blue pack, which is different from the regular orange pack. Check out the difference.

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Lately, Reliance Jio has been creating a lot of buzz in the Indian telecom sector with their uber cheap tariff plans and attractive Welcome Offer, which was formerly known as Preview offer.

Reliance Jio Orange Pack vs Blue Pack: What's the Difference?

At the time of the commercial launch, Mukesh Ambani quoted that RJIL will be providing some exclusive offers to the enterprises, but he did not reveal any specific date.

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Some of the Reliance Jio users over the internet reported that they received the Jio 4G SIM cards enclosed in a blue packaging, which might be for several reasons.

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How the Jio 4G Blue packaging differs from the usual Orange packaging? Let's find out.

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Blue Packaging is for Mobile Number Portability

According to us, the blue packaging will be issued for people who have requested for mobile number portability, however, the MNP service was not yet started by the company, so the employees are issuing Jio 4G SIM cards now. 

Blue Packaging is for Enterprise Users

Rumors speculated that Reliance Jio will be offering SIM cards exclusively to enterprise users. Some of our sources say that the enterprise users are said to offer Jio 4G SIM cards in blue packaging. 

Meant for Reliance Employees

Reliance Jio 4G service was previously available to users of selected Samsung phones and some of the Jio employees. So, at that time, the company offered the SIM cards with blue packaging for Reliance employees.

Both Offer Same Goodies

If you're the one who received Jio 4G SIM card with blue packaging, then you're not the unlucky one. Both the orange packaging and blue packaging offer same welcome offer, which will be valid till December 31.

Reason: Low Stock Isses

The reason why some Reliance Digital stores started issuing the Jio 4G SIM cards in blue packaging is due to the limited stock issues.

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