8 Tips and Tricks Every Android Smartphone User Should Know for a Longer Battery Life

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Being an Android smartphone user, you might have definitely experienced your handset running out of battery when you need it the most. Even if your smartphone has not switched off, it would run out of charge.

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8 Tips and Tricks To Get Better Battery Life on Android Smartphones

In such situations, it would be impossible to use all the features such as navigation or connecting to the internet highly difficult. So, it is important to save the battery life of your smartphone whenever possible.

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Saving your smartphone's battery life does not mean that you stop using the device. You just need to follow a few tricks to actually save the battery power of your smartphone and optimize the same for a longer duration of use. Here, we have come up with a few tips and tricks on how to save the battery life of your smartphone.

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Turn off connectivity when you don't need

The connectivity features usually consume a lot of battery when these are always turned on. Functions such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G LTE can eat a major chunk of your smartphone's battery life as these run in the background. You can use them only when you need and turn them off when you actually don't want to stay connected.

Background apps

Whenever you close a specific application, it will get suspended for the moment but still run in the background. This means that the app is not closed but just minimized. However, you can kep a track of the app that is consuming more power from Settings → Battery. The battery monitor will show you the apps that are running in the background so that you can save the battery significantly.

Turn on power saving mode

Not all the smartphones have the power saving mode, but if your device has this feature, you can turn it on to save the battery life. In some smartphones, this setting will automatically turn on when the battery percentage drops below a specific level.

Say no to live wallpapers, use dark wallpapers

Live wallpapers are definitely great to look at, but these consume a lot of the battery power as the wallpaper is moving constantly. It will suck more battery power than the usual ones. So, avoid using live wallpapers on your smartphone. You can use dark wallpapers such as a black wallpaper to make your smartphone power efficient.

Stop using auto brightness

It is common for the Android smartphone users to turn on auto brightness. This feature will adjust the screen brightness as per the lighting condition. This might sound very useful, but it is always recommended to set the brightness manually to a certain level that is neither too low nor too bright for your eyes.

Screen timeout should be minimum

The battery life of your smartphone can be improved by minimizing the screen timeout. This functionality decides how long the screen will be lit if you have not locked it after fidgeting with it. A longer screen timeout duration will end up draining the battery life to a great extent even if your smartphone is not in use.

Turn off vibrations

Do you choose to have alerts and notifications come in quietly without making sound, but still choose vibrations to intimate you? Well, frequent vibrations will consume more power. If you think vibrations are unnecessary, you can disable the same or lower the intensity of the vibrations.

Update the apps

You might not realize that updating your applications will help in saving the battery life. The app developers might include optimizations to conserve the battery life of your smartphone as a part of the changelog of the update, and if you don't update the apps, you might end up draining the battery life unknowingly.

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