7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

Photography is the now a hobby that every person has to keep himself busy and to keep the creative side alive. Everyone wants to have their own DSLR camera, stroll off into the world to capture some of the most brilliant shots.

7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

If you too have the hunger to get creative with a lens, indulging yourself in these exercises and activities can get you to improve your skills.

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7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

Begin with editing

Your journey through photography never stops. But for the beginning stages, you need to understand the basics of imaging technologies, especially photo editing. To begin with, you can learn to edit someone else's photos and learn everything there is to know about the software and the process of editing. Photo editing tools for beginners like GIMP or even Picasa can get you to learn the basics.

7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

10 of 1

While you're learning to edit photos using the software, you can go out to the field with your camera and get your own shots ready. To start off, take one subject (or object) you find interesting and take 10 shots in different angles and lighting conditions. Repetitions should be avoided for any photos you take. Take home those shots and start editing them as well for more practice.

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7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

10 of 3

Once you get the hang of a single subject, you can move ahead to the next level of 3 subjects and the same number of shots. The principle behind this exercise is to get you to capture moments within seconds. This is a great exercise for those who want to get good at product photography. You can adjust the environment of the objects as well as its placement in the frame.

7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

1 Lens and 1000 photos

Now comes the fun part that everybody loves: lenses. With a lot of sales of DSLRs happening in the country, dual lens kits are available for many of the models. You can start with one lens and go clicking shots one after another. Single subjects, multiple shots and different angles. Multiple subjects, countless shots. There can be a varying number of combinations for you to try. It is essential that you master one lens at a time.

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7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

Photo shoots

So you have a weekend off, and you're in the mood to take your camera to explore the world too. But you don't know where to begin. You can either plan something with your friends, or you could randomly set a location to visit. Pick a location and time whenever you can and practice the same exercises.

7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

Photo challenges

There are many social media pages and companies that organize Photo Challenges among the followers and members. You can always take part in these and try your luck. It also opens doors to talk to other photographers from around the world.

7 Secret Steps to take Stunning Photographs

Try the same

Another way to practice your photography skills can be by recreating a photograph that you liked. It will not be as near perfect as the original, but it will get you practicing and improving your skills. it really does take a lot of practice to get the perfect photograph.

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