Follow These Simple Steps to Remove Your Number From Truecaller App

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Most of us have Truecaller app on our smartphone, which is used to check or identify the caller, spam and much more. For the uninitiated, Truecaller is the app available in most of the mobile platform and desktop as well that shows you the contact details of unknown number calling you.

Follow These Simple Steps to Remove Your Number From Truecaller App

This app contains a huge database of contact numbers around the world, collected from millions of smartphones around the world. Even, if you didn't have the app, your name and number could be on the Truecallers database. This happens because someone from your circle has stored you in their contact and allowed the app to access them.

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The problem with this app is that it is very intrusive. Through this app, and if it is listed, some can even access your address publicly! There are options to remove your number Truecaller database, however, you can't remove your number from the service if you are using the app.

In order to delete your number, You'll have to deactivate your own account to get your
number removed. You can remove your number with below steps!

Deactivate You True caller account!

Step 1: Open the App
Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the display
Step 3: Go to settings -> About
Step 4: Tap on the 'deactivate' option and press yes

Remove your number from true caller

Step 1: Go to the true caller unlist page
Step 2: Enter your mobile number with country code. For example +91 1234567890.
Step 3: Select any option for unlisting
Step 4: Type the words/numbers in the verification box
Step 5: Click unlist!

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