Have a problem with WhatsApp? Here are the solutions

    By far there has been nearly millions being actively using WhatsApp around the globe. However, with the growing popularity of the social media platform, we have also seen an exponential rise in the number of problems that people are facing while using WhatsApp.

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    Have a problem with WhatsApp? Here are the solutions

    Although WhatsApp has come up with several new features, there has been quite a number of complaints about a few of them. Be it the voice calls issues, or not be able to see last seen timestamp of friends.

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    We at GIZBOT, have enlisted 5 common issues that most WhatsApp users have faced, and the solution to tackle these problems. Take a Look!

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    Doesn't Recognize Contacts

    It's an extremely common phenomenon that our WhatsApp accounts often fail to recognize contacts and only displays the number, even though the contact numbers are saved in the mobile phonebook.

    A WhatsApp user facing this issue, needs to ensure that the contact is currently using WhatsApp, and change the contact setting on WhatsApp to 'visible' and/or 'viewable.'


    Problems are Voice Calls

    WhatsApp users often complain about the poor voice calls quality. It is a very common sight that people often face call dropouts, or are unable to call or receive them.

    To fix this issue, one needs to ensure that they, and the person they are communicating with, have a good working data connection.

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    Can't Hear Audio Messages

    This issue may occur due to the proximity sensor that WhatsApp relies on.

    If the sensor is activated, which usually happens when you are likely tripping the proximity sensor with your finger or part of your hand, the audio playback will result in mild output.

    The solution for the audio to play loudly is that the user has to keep their phone away from their face for the audio to play loudly from the normal speaker.


    Can't Download Videos and Photos

    To fix this issue, a WhatsApp user has to go to Settings>Data usage and check if the media auto-downloads option is enabled, if not, enable it.

    Also, check if the internet connection is working or not.

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    Can't See Last Seen

    There have been several complaints of Last seen timestamp not being visible. There can be several reasons behind the same.

    If the problem is only with one single contact, then the person must have disabled their Last Seen time, which means they don't want others to view their last seen.

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