How to access hidden pages of Google Chrome

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How happy will you be if you come across any hidden features of application co-incidentally? It is a common human tendency to be glad while using such tips and tricks. Today you will see such hidden property of your favorite web browser.

How to access hidden pages of Google Chrome

Who has not used Google's Chrome browser on their computer or a smartphone? With a simpler interface, one just has to type the URL and hit enter to visit the required page. It is not just browsing, we can do a lot of other stuff as well. Chrome has super features hidden inside it and one can access it easily using few URLs. Few most required features and tools will be highlighted in this article.

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Note: Update your Chrome browser to the latest version and keep it ready before trying out the below-mentioned tools.

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1. chrome://omnibox/

If you wish to view your search history based on the search term used, then you can make use of this tool. Typing this URL opens an advanced search window. Enter the search term and hit enter. It will list you all the pages where you made use of this term. Quite easy, isn't it?

2. chrome://flags/

If you want to test experimental features of Chrome browser, then type this URL into your browser. You will find 120 such exciting features in it. Try it out for yourself.

3. chrome://network-errors/

If you wish to know the reason behind any web page errors, then you can use this URL. It displays you all the network error code along with the message. So one can easily identify the issue behind page error.

4. chrome://plugins/

To view all the custom as well as default chrome plugins, you can use this URL. If no plugins are installed by you manually, then only the default plugins will be displayed.

5. chrome://crashes/

There are few instances where chrome crashes without giving any warning. In such cases, you can visit this URL and check all the crash report by yourself. But before visiting this page, one should allow ‘Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google' by selecting this option under chrome's privacy setting.

6. chrome://view-http-cache/

To view the page information which you visited without your knowledge such as such as ad sites and aggressive pop-ups, you can type in this URL on the web browser.

7. chrome://chrome-urls/

There are few more such hidden pages inside chrome which are not included here. If you think those pages might be of any use, then visit the given URL to make use of it.

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