How to Find 'Most Recent' News Feeds on Facebook Mobile App

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Facebook mobile app users often complain about the news feeds not being updated. This is the key reason why the Facebook mobile users are often not quite up-to-date on what's happening around them.

How to Find 'Most Recent' News Feeds on Facebook Mobile App

As per the Facebook Help Community Page, the key problem that the smartphone users experience while using the official Facebook app is often related to 'News Feeds.' Basically, the users are complaining about news feeds not being updated.

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Open the app on your on a mobile device, and you'll see the topmost post to be hours ago and it remains the same even if you refresh it.

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The Newly Designed Facebook App

The very newly-redesigned Facebook app for the mobile users shows "Top Stories" and not the "Most Recent" posts on the users news feeds.

This means that the app shows the contents that it assumes to be the most relevant to you considering what you liked and has been most engaged on Facebook.

Here's how a Facebook Mobile app users can find the most recent feeds.

Update to Most Recent Option on Facebook: Android Users

There are ways to update your news feeds, stop the auto-play videos on your news feeds, and find the most recent feeds.

STEP 1: Open the official Facebook app on your phone.

STEP 2: There will appear four icons at the top of your Facebook app: News Feed, Friend Request, Notifications, avoid all three and click on the fourth icon, and you'll see a drop-down menu.

STEP 3: Scroll down and you'll see the Feeds option and next click on Most Recent.

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Update to Most Recent Option on Facebook: iPhone Users

The 10.0 version of the Facebook official app for the iPhone users have removed the Most Recent News Feeds, which used to be displayed earlier on the top right corner of the screen.

Here's how you can retain the option back:

STEP 1: Launch the Facebook app for iPhone.

STEP 2: Click on More option at the bottom right corner of the main screen and scroll down to Feeds option.

STEP 3: Tapping on Feeds option, you'll see a few options there, select Most Recent.

Now, the iPhone users will get the Most Recent updates on their news feeds.


Old vs New Facebook App

In the old app, the users had the ability to simply change the setting from the default Most Recent tab reflecting on the main screen.

However that's somehow not the case now with the lastest version of the Facebook app as it allows the user to do a little digging and brainstorming in order to switch the setting from 'Top Stories' to 'Most Recent.'

Why 'Most Recent' option is Important

No matter whatever happens, people often have the tendency to post anything and everything on a social media platform, especially Facebook.

Whether its an emergency or a natural calamity, having the Most Recent option ON will allow the users to get an instant update about any mishap or emergency.

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