Here are 3 Possible Solutions for Reliance Jio Call Drop Issues

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Reliance Jio has been in the limelight for a while now. It is worth saying that the telecom company is in the news for both good and bad.

Here are 3 Possible Solutions for Reliance Jio Call Drop Issues

It is a known issue for many as the battle between other telecom networks and Reliance Jio is still going on. And, recently Jio said that they are facing nearly two crore call drops only for the Bharti Airtel network.

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People all over the country are trying to get their hands on a Jio 4G SIM card because of the welcome offer. But their new connection isn't that satisfactory because we can't be able to call to other networks.

Here are 3 Possible Solutions for Reliance Jio Call Drop Issues

Take a look the possible solutions for Reliance Jio to break this issue and partner with other networks.

VoLTE is the Major Problem

One of the big problem, why other networks are not providing, interconnect support for Reliance Jio is that the newly announced service uses data connection itself for making calls, which other telecoms doesn't like because there will be a huge loss for them in data revenue.

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Even Airtel claimed that they are not interested in VoLTE calls as of now, but they will support the service in future.

Here are 3 Possible Solutions for Reliance Jio Call Drop Issues

'Welcome Offer'- Another Big Problem

We already know that the service is free until the end of the year, which is also a major issue for other networks. The service is truly free and they simply don't want to accept calls for free. Though, this a valid reason, but in customer's point of view, they aren't impressed.

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The only solution for this is to wait until the welcome expires date, then we might get some support from other networks.

No Upgrades for Infrastructure- Other Telecoms

Reliance Jio and other major telecoms had a meeting with COAI and TRAI were not involved in this for discussing the actual problem regarding interconnections. The outcome of that meeting was other telecom services are not in a position to upgrade their infrastructure to provide support for Jio.

All Jio need to do is to wait until the end of the year and hope for the best. There are many tricks to get a call pass your mobile, but there are none of them to make a call connect.

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