How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    After Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram that are the most widely popularized social media platforms, next in the league is Snapchat.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    Although not as popular as the other social media networks, Snapchat has been widely accepted by the younger generation due to its photo sharing and photo editing features.

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    Snapchat has recently got a super rad update for its users, which lets them 'Live' lenses to their snaps.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    The social media platform has been coming up with various new features including customizing the emojis as per the user's requirement, playing with photos or the drooling rainbow images flooding the web.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    Snapchat Live Lens

    The live lens that Snapchat has come up with is the reason behind all the viral rainbow snaps, eyes pop out images, and much more.

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    Out of the lot, the puking rainbow pictures have absolutely gone viral across several social media platforms.

    In case if you haven't still tried to create a rainbow mouth using Snapchat, pull up your socks and try the new features right away.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    Create Puking Rainbow Image

    Here's how you can use and have fun with the Snapchat puking rainbow effect.

    STEP 1: The user first is required to update the Snapchat app to version 9.15

    STEP 2: Open the app and try clicking yourself using the newly added live lens, by holding your smartphone in the vertical direction.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    STEP 3: Look straight, and let the camera and the small circle focus on your face properly.

    STEP 4: After focusing, press at the bottom of the screen, and hold it until several features appear.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    STEP 5: Let the app map your face accurately. Snapchat will map out the important components of your face, and you can see a grid creating across your face.

    STEP 6: There will appear a lot of options below the screen like face swapping, various animal face, character transformation and also puking rainbow option.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    STEP 7: The app might ask you to do some activities like 'open your mouth', do so as wide as you can and follow the instructions to get the best results

    STEP 8: To take a picture, the user is just required to just tap the shutter button once.

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    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    How these lenses work

    Snapchat lenses are special effects that are applied in real-time using face detection. These lenses are often interactive and require you to match a certain motion in order to produce a certain effect as guided by Snapchat.
    The users can easily change the lenses as per their requirement. There are 10 free and featured lenses that are available every day and they can also be changed.

    How to Create Puking Rainbow Images on Snapchat

    Other features on Snapchat

    However, in addition to the puking mouth feature, Snapchat has also come up with new updates including make eyes pop out, a demon lens that can terrify any of your friends, adding wrinkles to age you, and more.

    These live lenses can make you turn yourself turn into an Android, transform your eyes into emoji hearts, and also make you cry.

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