5 Notable Benefits of Vodafone Flex Plans for Prepaid Users Over Reliance Jio

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Reliance Jio is creating new waves in the Indian telecoms sector to gain its plot. At the same time, the company is making other major networks introduce something different to keep them hunt in the sector.

5 Extensive Benefits of the Newly Announced Vodafone Flex Plans

In the same reign, Vodafone India yesterday introduced a new scheme called as 'Flex' in which they offer combined pack for both data and calls, same as the Reliance Jio, who don't cost a penny for voice calls.

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Every user who recharges with the flex pack will be offered a certain amount of flex and each flex is equal to an MB of mobile data and one minute of incoming calls. And, two flex will be deducted if you make an outgoing call whether it be local or STD.

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These plans are something similar to that of Reliance Jio and they are priced to be competitive as well. Here are the five benefits of the newly announced packs when compared to Reliance Jio.

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Offered in Flex!

Aforesaid, each pack will be offered in Flex and usage of per MB or one minute of incoming calls costs just a flex and for each minute of outgoing calls , two flex will be deducted.

No need of VoLTE

Unlike Reliance Jio which uses data for voice calls, Vodafone Flex does not need any support of data for voice calling, It functions the same as it is now.

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Plans are Competitive

Vodafone priced the plans very cheap and they are much in-line with Reliance Jio's prepaid plans. The initial plan starts at Rs. 119, where the user will be alloted with 325 Flex and he can use all of them for either data or voice calls. The maximum flex plan is Rs. 399 which comes with 1,750 Flex and valid for 28 days.

No need of Separate Recharge for Data

With this Flex packs, customers of Vodafone prepaid do not have to recharge data packs separately, which is a welcome change. All thanks to Reliance Jio.

You can 25 percent Saving

According to Vodafone India's Director, Sandeep Kataria, the new Flex plans will save at least 25 percent and is exclusively designed for users who are fed up with recharging their number for data and voice calls separately.

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