How to Make a Call in India Without Showing Your Phone Number

    Having numerous social media accounts, most of us often land up making out mobile numbers visible to the public. Displaying your number on a public forum can often land you in trouble.

    How to Make a Call in India Without Showing Your Phone Number

    In a day to day life, all of us are often required to call several people, out of which many would be absolutely unknown to us.

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    Revealing our personal phone numbers to an unknown person has caused several incidents of threat, and malicious activities. Here's why blocking your caller ID is a smart thing to do, to keep your number private.

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    Enlisted are a few tricks and tactics through which you can change your 10 digit number appear as 'Private number calling' to the person you are calling.

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    Change your Android phone number to private number

    To protect your mobile number from revealing to an unknown source, or fooling and scaring your friends, Here're simple tricks by which Android users can change their number to private:

    For Android 4.0 & earlier users:

    Open the Settings app>go to 'Call'>then additional settings>Caller ID>and finally tap on Hide number option. Now if you call any of your friends, they'll not know that it's you, as your number will appear as 'Private number calling'.

    For Android 4.1 & later users:

    Open the Phone app>click on Menu>go to Call settings>Caller ID>and tap on Hide number option to make your number appear as a private number.

    For iPhone: How to change their numbers to Private number

    Open the Settings app on your iPhone>go to Phone icon>click on Show My Caller ID>and finally to make it appear as a private number, toggle the slider to 'OFF'.

    For the Windows Phone users

    One first needs to Open the Phone app on their mobile>go to More button option(...)>Settings>Click on Show my caller ID to>Select either of them as per your requirements, 'no one'/'my contacts'.

    No one option will make your number appear as a private number to whoever you call, whereas 'my contact' option will make your number appear private to only your contacts.

    PLEASE NOTE: To get your number private you are first required to contact your operator. However, for Airtel, Vodafone, and BSNL they have separate services including Dialport, Vip mobile | Vodafone VPN, and voice VPN respectively.


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