How to Send a WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Contact in Your Phone [4 Simple Steps]

WhatsApp has some beautiful features on offer and at the same time, there are some limitations as well.

    WhatsApp quickly became, and continued to be the top messaging app for ages now. With developers getting own their skins to add new features to the application, it is undoubtedly becoming one of the unstoppable force.

    How to Send a WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Contact

    Almost all the people use WhatsApp daily. When you receive an unknown call from a known person and that person asked you to share so and so details to a particular number, which is not saved in your contact list. How can you do that?

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    Well, the simple solution is that to save the contact to your phone and send a message. But, you won't message to that number again and its not useful to that number, then what's the solution?

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    In this article, we will demonstrate you to on how to send a WhatsApp message to particular number which is not saved in your smartphone right now. Here's how you can do that.

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    Step 1: Type the Number in Keypad

    In the first step, you need to type the number in your keypad to which you want to message. Do make a note that use your phone's dialer itself in typing the number.

    Step 2: Press the Menu Button

    After entering the mobile number, you need to press the menu button in your dialer, which brings you some options such as the save as contact, send a message, etc.

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    Step 3: Click on Send a Message Option

    Now, you need to click on the send a message option which takes you to a screen with several options as send a WhatsApp message, send a text message, etc.

    Step 4: Click on Send a WhatsApp Message

    This is the final step. You need to click on send a WhatsApp message and it will redirect you to the application and you can send a message to that particular number.

    Note: Do make a note that this procedure won't work with many smartphones and it completely depends on your luck.

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