How to set mail reminders online

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Consider a situation where you need an important mail in your busy office schedule. We normally scroll entire inbox or search through the list of emails, wasting our time which could be utilized for some other useful task.

How to set mail reminders online

In such cases, we can make use of mail reminder feature provided online by a few companies. One such site is Followupthen, which has lots of similar features in it. The emails forwarded to this site will arrive back at the moment we need. It is an user-friendly page where one can easily set-up the reminders. The steps are explained below along with the pictures.

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How to set mail reminders online?

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Step 1:

Head to Followupthen website and create a new account.

Step 2:

Once you create an account, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail id specified. Activate the account by confirming this mail. You will be redirected to the home page of Followupthen.

Step 3:

Open 'How' tab to view the help information. There you can find an option 'Remind yourself of an email tomorrow at 4 pm'. To set any mail reminders, tap on this option.

Step 4:

It will automatically create a new reminder by sending a mail to Followupthen in this format- You can now copy this email address and send the reminder mail to this address. You can also simply tap on the link, which directly opens your mail app.

Step 5:

Different formats are supported on this website. You can check this out under 'Time Format' option. You can pick any of this format based on your necessity.

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Lastly, to verify this reminder, you have to wait till 4 pm tomorrow. A new mail beep will be heard once the clock strikes 4 pm.

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