It's Possible to Use 4G SIM in 3G Smartphones: Check Out!

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With the launch of Reliance Jio's cheap tariff plans, 4G is booming in the country. Moreover, the availability of 4G smartphones at affordable rates has also triggered this trend.

It's Possible to Use 4G SIM in 3G Smartphones: Check Out!

However, not all have a 4G smartphone and the 4G SIM cards don't work on 3G devices. The main criterion is the smartphone should support 4G LTE to be used with a 4G SIM card. If you want to know some way to use a 4G SIM on your smartphone without upgrading it, you can do so with a few tricks.

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These tricks work on Android smartphones that employ MediaTek or Qualcomm processors. Note that GizBot is not responsible for the damage caused due to these tricks as these are subject to the user's risk.

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Why 4G?

4G networks give a better and super fast connection speed that will not take a long time for you to browse the internet, watch videos, and superior download speeds. Eventually, 4G is better than 3G and people are interested in using it for high speed connectivity. Note that you can use the 4G SIM on your 3G smartphone and browse the internet using your 3G network at 3G speed only.



MTK Engineering Mode app is needed

Make sure your smartphone makes use of a MediaTek chipset and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat or above. Download and install the MTK Engineering Mode application on your 3G smartphone.

Follow these steps

Open the app and choose MTK Settings and then choose Preferred Network Option. A drop down list will appear, you should choose 4G LTE/GSM/WCDMA from the options and save and reboot the phone. Then, insert the 4G SIM in the first slot and leave the second one empty. That's it!

Only internet can be used

Also, remember that you can only use the internet by following this trick. To make calls, you need to have 4G LTE support and the same is not possible with this trick. Make sure you don't do any unnecessary changes in the MTK Engineering Mode app.

Download Shortcut Master Lite App

If you are using a Qualcomm processor based smartphone, you need to download and install the Shortcut Master (Lite) app on your smartphone. Also, Android 4.4 KitKat or above is needed.

Change the LTE Bands

Once the app is downloaded, you need to open it and go to menu to open the Service Menu. Choose System App to change the LTE Bands. If it doesn't work, dial *#2263# and select menu.

Choose Band 40

Go to key input and enter 0000 to get the popup. Choose the UE settings and select the Band 40 by setting → protocol → NAS → Network Control → Band Selection → LTE Band → The Select Band 40.

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