Learn how to Disable app notifications in Windows 10

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You might install some program, where you might find yourself getting unwanted notifications. However, contradicting the purpose, these notifications can often become a distraction itself.

How to disable or control notifications on Windows 10

Learn how to Disable app notifications in Windows 10

By going into action center, you now have the ability to find the system and app notifications and able to access and manage them. Below are the steps you can follow to disable notifications.

Learn how to Disable app notifications in Windows 10

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Notifications & Actions section

Step 2: Turn off the toggle on

'Get notifications from apps and other senders'

Step 3: Now if you want notification of certain apps, scroll down and go to 'Show Get notifications from these senders'. Now turn off the slider for an individual app to silence all notifications from that app or feature.

In case, if you want a control over notifications like pop-up messages and sounds, you can use the Show notification banners and Play a sound when a notification arrives options. Moreover, you can use the Keep notifications private on the lock screen to prevent calendar entries and alarms from displaying when you've stepped away from your desk and locked the screen.  

By doing all these in Windows 10, it will help you to keep your notifications clutter-free and tailored to your specific needs.

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