LeEco Le 1S: Common Problems And Their Fixes

    The LeEco Le 1S was launched in the Indian market last month and the phone has been quite a hit, with all units selling out within a few seconds. Every phone comes with its set of glitches and the Le 1S is not any different.

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    If you have indeed managed to get your hands on one but are facing issues regarding a particular feature, here is a list of common problems followed by their solutions that will help you have a better overall experience.

    PROBLEM 1:

    With the Le 1S packing in the infamous Helio X10 chipset, heating is going to be somewhat of an issue, especially with the metal unibody on top. This is an issue that can occur while you play games for a long time or even use resource-intensive apps for image or video processing. While not completely solvable, we do have some nifty tips to handle this error.


    A smartphone, or any electronic device, for that matter, does not perform well if heating happens regularly. For fixing this issue, attempt to restart your Le 1S if you feel that the body is beginning to heat up. Alternatively, some apps on the Play Store, like ‘Cool Down Phone', can help you manage the heating to quite an extent.

    PROBLEM 2 :

    A common problem with the Android ecosystem, force crashing of apps is an issue that is not unknown to the EUI on LeEco Le 1S. Apps shut down indeterminately which is something that usually takes place when a lot of other apps are eating the memory and RAM is not vacant for any further action. Also, third-party apps may have code errors in them, resulting in misbehavior during operation. Here are some tricks to help resolve this annoying problem.


    The simplest solution here would be to limit the usage of different apps in real-time. While the Le 1S does certainly have 3 gigabytes of RAM, its management is not the best on EUI. You could end up using the entire RAM with a few large applications. Another method to prevent frequent app crashes is by installing apps like ‘Clean Master' from the Play Store. These apps can help you clear away all the excessive cache and data that is eating up your precious RAM.

    PROBLEM 3:

    A lot of customers, from China and India alike, have complained about a bug in the Le 1S that auto-disconnects the WiFi networks when the smartphone is on standby mode for a long time. This error can be quite irritating and can lead to continuity issue in some apps. It is a software bug and there are quite a lot of methods to solve it.


    This error has one of the most common solutions for it. Simply switch your Le 1S on to Flight Mode and back to normal, after 5-10 seconds. Most software bugs are resultant of temporary issues in the UI and a network reset is more than enough to straighten them out. If, in any case, this simple method doesn't work, don't panic. You can also use custom ROMs by flashing them onto the LeEco Le 1S. Some stable ROMs like MIUI and Stock Android are sure to eliminate this issue from your smartphone.

    PROBLEM 4:

    Some of the users of the LeEco Le 1S have also reported a few bugs in third-party apps, most notably the Whatsapp Messenger. Users report an error of incomplete text messages popping up when conversations are opened. This is frustrating for many as a lot of discussions happen over Whatsapp nowadays, and facing bugs in the app might lead to inaccurate transfer of information.


    Let's start with the simplest solution out of all. Just restart the Le 1S and check if the problem persists. If yes, another solution is to reset the settings in Whatsapp Messenger to default. For doing this, go into Settings>Apps>Whatsapp Messenger and click on ‘Clear cache' as well as ‘Clear Data' to rest all the settings to the time when it was first booted up.


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