Protect Your Smartphone From Being Hacked In Just 2 Minutes!

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Smartphone hack incidents are extremely common these days, thanks to the rising scammers and hackers. The hackers have not spared any device be it a cheap phone or the best Android smartphone in the market such as Google Pixel.

Protect Your Smartphone From Being Hacked In Just 2 Minutes!

There has been a recent report that Google Pixel was hacked in 60 seconds by a Chinese team. So, if the best Android phone can be at risk, do you think your mid-ranged smartphone is secure enough?

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Smartphone hacks aren't in the hands of the manufacturer surely or don't happen because of any faults in the device. There are ways using which the user can build a secure protection around their phone and save themselves and their data from be attacked by any malicious activity.

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Stronger Passcode

Setting up a passcode is a smart choice. Well, not having a passcode for your phone, protecting your device from anyone to use is the most foolish thing that one can do. So, to protect your phone against a malicious activity the user set a strong security passcode, and don't reveal it to anyone.

Phone Should Be Encrypted

The user should always ensure that their phone is highly encrypted. If you are an iPhone user and the phone supports iOS 8, you can be relieved as your phone is already encrypted. Whereas, the recently released Android devices including the latest version should be encrypted by default.

Update the Software

Ensure that you regularly update your mobile software, be it Android or iOS phone. It is said that updating a software can fix all the errors that a hacker might use to attack your phone.

Setting up Device Finder is Recommended

Just in case you fail to locate your smartphone, having a device finder set up on your phone can help you find the phone instantly. It will let your mobile ring for you to find it easily even on silent.

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