Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? Fix it with these 7 easy steps

    Apple products are very expensive. People save up a lot to money to buy it and be immersed in the Apple ecosystem. But they have the worst nightmare when their beloved Mac gets attacked by coffee or any other cold drink.

    Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? 7 easy ways to fix it

    Apple product warranties do not cover such accidents and you are left to pay a lot to get your machine fixed. If your machine is past the warranty period, then too you would be asked to cover the repair expenses and also as an additional sales strategy you will have to get a new warranty.

    All those hassles can be avoided if you're brave enough to fix the damage yourself. Here is all the equipment you need to start off.

    • A hairdryer
    • A very small Philips-head screwdriver
    • A coin
    • Clean cloth and cotton buds
    • Tweezers
    • A computer connected to the internet
    • A lot of courage

    Step 1

    Since you've spilled coffee, there is definitely the need for you to check every nook and corner of you internal hardware. You need to first dismantle the MacBook using the iFixit manuals (depending on your model).

    Step 2

    Once the cover is off, we need to now proceed to remove the battery. Unlock the battery and wipe it down thoroughly. Ensure that you place it in a dry place.

    Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? 7 easy ways to fix it

    Step 3

    Using the screwdriver, you need to now open the L-shaped covers that house the memory chips. Ensure to keep the memory sticks in an anti-static bag.

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    Step 4

    Moving on, use the hair dryer near the memory slots to dry out any liquids for a duration of about 5 to 10 minutes. The air vent close to the memory slot reaches the most sensitive places and the hot air flows out from the gaps in the keyboard. Ensure that the keyboard is level when you're drying it out. This avoids leaving liquids in the corner.

    Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? 7 easy ways to fix it

    Step 5

    Once you're done drying it out, we now proceed to dismantle it for a thorough check. Remember to take a look at the iFixit manuals, and ensure you place the screws in the order you take them out. That way, you can retrace your steps back when putting the system back.
    In case a screw is stuck in the casings, tweezers do come in handy, and also to disconnect the keyboard cable from the connector.

    Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? 7 easy ways to fix it

    Step 6

    Upon exposing the logic board, use the cotton buds to remove any drops of liquid that you find. There may be coffee stains which can be removed by getting it a little wet and wiping it off. Use the dryer once again to dry all again for double precaution.

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    Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? 7 easy ways to fix it

    Step 7

    In the case of cold drinks spilling your keyboard, it would be best to remove the key caps to avoid things getting sticky and irritating. You can lift the keys with your fingernails either sideways or up. Once they come off, keep the keys immersed in a warm, soapy water. Give the keys a good clean with your fingers, and leave them to completely dry.

    Spilled coffee or cold drink on your MacBook? 7 easy ways to fix it

    To ensure that you place the keys back in the same order, you could click a picture of your keyboard.

    Once all the parts are completely dry, you can use the same manuals but in reverse order to put the parts back. Be calm and patient in this process. Your success will bring your machine back to life, and in good working condition.

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