5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    Being a tablet user, you might have definitely faced this situation when you tap, swipe or zoom on the device's screen and it fails to respond.

    5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    In such a case, you might be frustrated and may not know what to do to resolve the issue and get your tablet's screen back to work. Fist, you need to understand that the tablet's touchscreen is very important.

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    If any damage is caused to it, it will degrade the reliability of the part. Even dirt on your tablet's screen can result in scratches that will degrade its responsiveness. Well, here are some tips that you can try out to resolve the tablet touchscreen problems and get your tablet to work as usual.

    5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    More RAM should be available

    The best place to start with the troubleshooting of screen responsiveness related issues is to make more RAM to be available. It should take just a moment or a restart. There are many options for Android users to free up space on their tablets like clearing the app cache or making use of third party apps.

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    The memory issues on iPad can result in slow responses from the screen. You can double click on the Home button to show the open apps at the moment and then tap and hold on the cross that is at the top right corner. The process is different for each iteration of iOS, but it will make the screen responsive.

    5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    Restart the device

    You can troubleshoot the issue by restarting the tablet. When the device is restarted, most applications will be closed. You can check the screen's responsiveness then. Remember that by saying restart the device, we mean a complete restart of the device and not just turning off the device by locking it using the power button.

    5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    Realign the display

    It is suggested to be performed only if your tablet that is out of warranty and you cannot afford pay for the professional repairs. It applies to some cheaper Android tablets and not the high-end ones.

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    You need to remove the screen and replace it with one to get a better response for the touchscreen gestures. Make sure you handle it properly and check the tools and instructions before disassembling the device.

    5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    Use native apps

    When a tablet's screen is unresponsive, the issue could be localized to a specific portion of the screen. Getting to know which parts of the screen are not responding can be very useful in diagnosing the issue.

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    A useful means of checking the same is with the help of some apps. For instance, you can use the native calculator app to test across the display in all orientations. Also, maps will be good in determining the issues related to dragging and pinch to zoom.

    5 Effective Tips to Fix Tablet Touchscreen ‘Not Working’ Issues

    Make use of a calibration tool

    You can resolve the touchscreen detection issues by calibrating the tablet's display. In case you have an iPad, calibration can be done only if the device is jailbroken. However, in Android tablets, you can try out the same on rooting the device.

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