Avoid Crowded Places Using Google Search's Latest Update

While traveling to any restaurant or a cafe if you want to avoid disappointment by finding an unexpectedly large crowd, you can now use Google Search to check how crowded a restaurant is in real time.

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Google seems to be working hard on bringing greater user experience through their search engine and has been constantly innovating and getting better with every new update and feature additions.

Avoid Crowded Places Using Google Search's Latest Update

Google had earlier added a feature called Popular Times in Maps and Google Search to navigate through different shops at different times of the day. Now, the company has updated the same feature which will give information on how crowded the place is in real-time.

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Interestingly, the feature is also being rolled out ahead of the mega sale event "Black Friday" and the festive season. What's more, it is not only limited to the have a check on the event but could equally be used for checking whether a restaurant or a particular bar is busy at a certain time.

The feature has been updated so that it acts as a guide and helps users to decide when and where to go, and most importantly avoid heavily crowded places.

Avoid Crowded Places Using Google Search's Latest Update

While Popular Times has already been in high regards with users for being pretty accurate and now with the new update, it looks like things are only going to get better.

Google has revealed that the new feature will make use of the anonymized location data from the smartphones in order to judge how many people are there at a given time.

Avoid Crowded Places Using Google Search's Latest Update

Now, a simple search regarding the store shows details right from the address, hours of operation and popular times with a simple graph, and real-time status in the 'Live' option.

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Additionally, with the live status, a graph of peak crowded hours and other details are also shown. As such, by looking at the graph, you can easily figure out if the location is crowded than usual or not.

If you like to plan things in advance, under popular times, there is also an option to select days giving a rough idea of days it is the least and most crowded.

Avoid Crowded Places Using Google Search's Latest Update

If that is not enough, just below the graph, users also get an estimate of how long people typically spend time at the cafe or a restaurant.

As of now, details of only popular restaurants, cafes and businesses are available, but we can be assured that it will cover more areas and places going forward.

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