Why Google Saves Your Internet Browsing History And How to Clear it in One Simple Step

    It can be said that Google knows you better than anyone else. The search giant stores the internet history that actually goes through all its products and services. Moreover, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Google is almost everywhere.

    Why Google Saves Your Browsing History And How to Clear it!

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    The good thing is that Google is transparent about your data and the company lets you know everything that they have with them. You are free ton delete what they actually know about you if you want to.

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    You might be worried that Google has all your data and confused if you need to delete the same or not. In that cases, this content will be helpful to you.

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    Why Google stores your data?

    You might want to delete the Google history for the privacy reasons, but the purpose of history is to take a glance at what you were browsing, your location, the apps that you use, the device information and many others.

    Convenience or privacy?

    Clearing the history might keep you peaceful, but it actually aggravates your online experience. The reason is that Google makes use of all the data to make things more easier and convenient for you. If you delete the Google history and data, even search recommendations might become less accurate. It's up to you to decide if you want to sacrifice on your convenience or privacy.

    Look at the Google Data

    Taking a look at what Google actually knows about you is quite simple. You need to go to the history page of Google. If you are signed into the concerned Google account, you can see the details as shown here in the image. It will have sections such as

    • Web & App History
    • Voice & Audio Activity
    • Device Information
    • Location History
    • YouTube Watch History
    • YouTube Search History


    Disable Google history

    If you don't want to delete the history permanently, you can stay inactive for a specific duration and reactivate it to enjoy what Google offers you. To disable the history, you need to go to the Google history page from your browser, and click on the section that you want to disable. Go to the menu button at the top right corner and click on Settings. Here, you will find a switch next to "Your searches and browsing activity". You can toggle this option off.

    Delete Google history

    If you really want to delete all the data that Google has, you can go to the Google history page from the browser, and go to the specific data section. Over there, choose the menu button and select the Delete options. Here, you can choose from when you want to delete the data. You can delete up to 4 weeks of activity from the Advanced option. You can also choose the option "All time" to leave no traces of your data.

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