Beware! Doing These Things on the Internet and Social Media are Illegal Now

Doing these activities on the internet is illegal. Take a look.

By Sneha

    In today's digitally advanced lifestyle, it is surely hard to imagine life without the Internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or be it any other social media platform.

    Beware! Doing These Things on the Internet is Illegal Now


    Whether for work, entertainment or time pass, most of us no longer prefer reading on hard copies, watching TV, or playing outdoor games, spending time on the internet is the solution to all our problems. Be it to spend leisure time, communicating, work purpose, watch movies or web series.

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    Well, most of us often feel that we are free to do anything and everything on the internet, but that's surely not the case. There are a set of limitations and terms and conditions for all the regular internet users, not obeying to which can put you behind bars. Doing plenty of things on the internet are illegal, let's check them out and save ourselves from landing into any sort of trouble.

    Torrenting Copyrighted Materials

    Several things that appear on the internet is copyrighted, and you're not licensed to use them at any given period. Most of depending on the torrent to complete our everyday business, but there are certain things on the torrent that can't be downloaded and is illegal.

    Copyrighted materials from torrent can't be downloaded from torrent without the owner's permission. Not only that, if one shares the downloaded copyrighted material, be it movies, songs or anything, sharing it with friends and loved ones is an equally punishable offence. Although if one downloads a copyrighted torrent you might not be caught now, but shall land up in trouble eventually.

    Trolling or Doodling Can be Offensive

    Almost all social media platforms are full of trolls. Be it on a great personality, politician or even on a friend, involving yourself on trolling is illegal. Trolling for fun often turn into a harassment, stalking, or even bullying, which is surely an offensive activity and land you to a serious trouble and can be accounted for defamation by the person you're trolling on.

    Cyber Bullying is a Criminal Offense

    The country has seen a lot of cyber attacks recently all across social media platforms. A group of hackers have been recently giving sleepless night to the country by hacking twitter accounts of high-level personalities and posted several offensive tweets from their accounts. This group couldn't be traced by the officials as the members of the group are spread across the world and use end-to-end encrypted servers to communicate and for other activities.

    Well, just in case if are found anytime doing such malicious activities, you'll surely not be spared. There occurs several cyber attack incidents almost every now and then, finding out which can put anyone behind bars, as it is surely a criminal offence.

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    Recording a Voice or Video Call Online is Illegal

    Recording a video or voice call online with a friend or anyone without their consent is a serious offence, although might sound to be a good idea. There are several apps available in the app store that allow you to make calls be it voice or a video call to a friend and recording it is against the law. Now, if those recorded files are further shared or post on the internet without the consent of the person can land you to trouble. Hence, recording such calls online is a criminal issue. Beware.

    Faking Your Identity is Wrong

    Be it any social media platform, there exist millions of fake accounts. Well, faking your identity online happens to be a criminal offence and if caught, can be in serious trouble. All of us some or the other time must have been fooled by a fake account user, and couldn't even identify them as it must look like an original profile and we must have been mistaken. Well, if you own a fake profile and are spotted by anyone, get ready, serious problems approaching your way.

    Using Others Internet Connection

    Connecting to someone else's Wi-Fi network without their prior consent is surely an offensive act. We often tend to connect to Wi-Fi networks, which are not secured with passwords, to get you noted, this an illegal act. Hence, be careful before using free Wi-Fi henceforth.

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