The Best IoT Products of 2016

Here’s a rundown of the coolest IoT products we have seen in the passing year 2016

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Internet of Products, also known as IoT is the next big thing. The technology is transforming our cities, homes, and office spaces into seamless connected environments that process complex information to make our lives simpler and smarter in a whole new manner.

The Best IoT Products of 2016

Technology giants and new startups are constantly working to develop new IoT products that touch every aspect of our life. That said, the year 2016 gave us some really innovative and exciting technologies that make it to our list of best IoT products of the passing year 2016. Have a look.

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This weirdly named IoT gadget is designed to give your home a technology makeover. Tado performs a number of tasks. It controls your home temperature automatically when you are heading home by figuring out your location based on your phone's GPS information. Tado also turns on the lights, disables the alarm or calls the elevator for you. Everything happens seamlessly in the background without any manual intervention.

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Qualcomm's Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Things is not just limited to our home. Qualcomm in CES 2016 showcased its "Internet of Medical Things" strategy that powers connected medical devices.

The new technology includes smart diagnostic, biometric, and physiological health monitors that target specific health conditions and track a patient's health in real-time to make it easy for medical personnel to take actions quickly. After all,timing is everything in saving a patient's live.


Amazon Dash Button

Amazon introduced Amazon Dash Button, which is is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite product with the press of a button. The affordable ($5) IoT product can be paired with a product of your choice, which is selected through the Amazon App on your Android or iOS smartphone during the set-up process. In case if you run out of that product, press the button and it is ordered via Amazon.


Fitbark can be accounted as the best IoT product designed for pets in 2016. This device allows the user to measure dog's activity and quality of sleep, providing useful data. Further, the dog activity device can be synced with your own Fitbit account to monitor and evaluate the information.


IoT enabled Smart Bed

How about having a smart bed in your bedroom that gives you important insights about your sleep and body? Select Comfort introduced its Sleep Number IT Bed in 2016 that has a mattress embedded with biometric sensors that collect user sleeping data. The IoT sensors enabled mattress track your movements, heart rate, breathing and sleep status hundreds of times per second.

User can customize the ideal level of mattress firmness as per their liking and can also track how soundly they are sleeping via SleepIQ app on their mobile device.
Moreover, the smart IT bed can also interact with other cloud services and smart devices around the home.


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