Flipkart Open Box Delivery: Should You Opt For Open Box Delivery On Flipkart?


E-commerce has gotten a lot of sophisticated in India over the last few years. However, a large set of people in India are still hesitant to order a product online, especially after hearing horror stories from customers, who claim to have received a fake product instead of their expensive smartphone or even laptop.

Flipkart Open Box Delivery Explained

Flipkart has now come up with a concept called " Flipkart Open Box Delivery", where, the delivery personnel will open the package in front of the customer, and the customer can only share the OTP to authenticate the successful delivery of the product.

I feel this will offer much-needed relief for users, who want to ensure that they get what they paid for. Though there is always an option to shoot a video while unboxing the product, one could always say the video has been rigged in some way.

Whom Should We Blame?

When someone receives a soap bar instead of an iPhone or any other product that one might have ordered, it is very difficult to pinpoint on where the mistake has happened. It could be the seller (make sure to buy expensive products only from certified sellers with good ratings) or it could be the delivery person, or even the consumer could just create a fake ruckus to get a free product.

If it is a genuine case of fraud (from a seller or the delivery person), then they are likely to get a refund for the product they ordered. However, if a customer is trying to cheat the system, then he/she will be get caught, as brands like Flipkart and Amazon now have dedicated teams to resolve issues like this, where, they will get to the bottom of the issue to find the wrong-doing person.

Should You Opt For Flipkart Open Box Deliver?

Yes, though it might take away the excitement of unboxing a new product, it does ensure that you either get a product or a refund. You might not have had any bad experiences while shopping to date. However, just a single bad experience can make you lose faith in e-commerce, which does mostly offer better deals when compared to brick and mortar stores.


Currently, only Flipkart and Amazon offer Open Box Delivery options in India, and it is high time other e-commerce platforms should come up with a similar solution. Besides, these brands should also improve the chain-of-custody rules, which will help the brands to find the culprit.

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