YouTube won't place ads on channels with less than 10,000 views

YouTube's new ad strategy is here.

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YouTube has come up with a major tweak to its ad strategy in an attempt to curb content stealing. Apparently, the platform will stop placing ads on those channels that have fewer than 10,000 views. This move is aimed at preventing people from using offensive or pirated videos to make money.

YouTube won't place ads on channels with less than 10,000 views

YouTube has been striving hard to derail an ad boycott that was started by companies those are concerned that their brands could be paired with hateful videos on the service. Regarding this new ad strategy, Ariel Bardin, the Vice President of Product Management at YouTube stated that this move will give them enough details to determine a channel's validity and know if the channel is following their policies.

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As per Bardin, YouTube is in plans to add a review process for the new creators who aim to make money by owning channels that are a part of the partner program on the platform. Once a channel passes the benchmark of 10,000 view mark, they will review the videos to know whether they adhere the policies of YouTube. After the successful review, the ads will be served with the content.

Bardin added that such new moves will help them ensure that revenue flows to those creators who adhere to the rules. Google has to strike a balance between those who upload videos to YouTube and advertisers.

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It was only a few days back that Google stated that it was using new artificial intelligence systems in order to enforce YouTube video policies and help them weed out offensive content. Google has seen many companies withdraw ads fearing the placement of extremist content and introduced new tools to offer a great level of content to them.

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