Apple MacBook Pro: 10 Things You Can Do with The New MacBook Touch Bar

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It has not been a few hours since Apple has announced the new range of MacBook Pro at the Cupertino event and the entire technology sector is buzzing with its most innovative Touch-Bar and Touch-ID feature.

Apple MacBook Pro: 10 Things You Can Do with The New MacBook Touch Bar

This unique feature is actually a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools while operating the MacBook.

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By replacing the conventional set of function keys with this OLED bar, Apple has given MacBook users a wide range of possibilities and functionalities to explore.

Buttons on the Touch Bar change depending on the software you're using. For example, when you're using an email app, it'll show you a button for deleting emails, whereas in a photo app it'll let you crop or rotate an image.

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This is just a glimpse. There are numerous things you can do with this new Touch-Pad. Here we have listed 10 possible functions you can perform with this. Let's find out what Apple Touch-Pad brings to the table.

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Type More Productively

Apple has brought the predictive keyboard- QuickType on the Mac Touch Bar. Now, whenever you're typing, Touch Bar learns how you speak and predicts what you should say next. This way without spelling them manually you just need to tap on the words.

Accept or Decline Calls

If your iPhone is connected to MacBook or you're having a FaceTime, whenever you get an incoming call, the Touch-Bar turns into a response pad so that you can accept or decline it without touching the phone or keypad.

Edit Pictures and Videos

Editing has become easier than ever with MacBook Pro Touch-Pad. When you are editing a photo, you'll find buttons for adjusting tilt, crop, and adding filters. You can also scroll through your images in a carousel via the Touch Bar.

When it comes to editing videos with Final Cut Pro, you can scrub through an individual clip or navigate the whole timeline of a larger video project.

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Add Emoji

In apps like Mail and Messages, the Touch Bar also acts as a hub for accessing for favorite Emojis. You can scroll left and right through them and tap to input them into any text. It is smart enough to save your frequently used emojis.

Edit Documents and Create Presentation

When you are creating a document on the screen or making a presentation, Touch-Pad smartly analyzes whether you need formatting. Hence, it presents format options like bold, italicize, and underline or adjust things like text and picture formatting options, or navigate through your slides.

Touch ID

It doesn't appear to be part of the Touch Bar's display, but the fingerprint sensor Touch ID lives just to the right-hand side. You can use it to pay for purchases, log in to your account, or switch accounts on the same machine.

Access Siri

Along with brightness and volume controls, Siri is also a permanent addition to the Touch Bar located on the far right-hand side. You can use this voice assistant on your Mac to perform intelligent file system searches and to launch apps.

Browse the Web

Touch Bar makes browsing web easier with Safari. Whenever you are using the browsing, Touch-Pad gives you buttons to navigate favorite pages, add a new tab and much more. It becomes a navigation bar with a URL field, back, and forward buttons.

Access the Function Keys

Although Apple has replaced the traditional Function keypad, Touch-Pad still gives it to you. All you need to do is hold down the function button on the keyboard to bring those up as a touch-key.

Pick The Best Color

If you are using any creativity app like Photoshop and struggling to choose color MacBook Pro's Touch-Pad gives you a color picker. By tapping and dragging the picker onto the color, you can choose your desired shade.

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