iFixit Disassembles Apple Magic Keyboard; Reveals Lever Systems On Trackpad


Apple's latest offering the Magic Keyboard is receiving a lot of positive responses globally. And now, iFixit has given us a closer and in-depth look at the Apple Magic Keyboard, inside keys, trackpad, and more. The iFixit report shares the x-rays, which further help understand the functioning of the Magic Keyboard.


iFixit Disassembles Apple Magic Keyboard: What’s The Score?

Apple Magic Keyboard Trackpad

Let's start with the trackpad. The report notes that the Apple Magic Keyboard's trackpad uses a lever system with a single button at the center. This means no matter where you press on the trackpad- the corners or the edges or even the center- you're still clicking on a single button.

This leaves us with the lever and its functionality. The lever comes into action when the user presses "near the top, bottom, or one of the corners; however, and the lever system comes into play, forcing the contact plate in the center upward to make a click happen," iFixit said to iMore.

One of the important findings of the iFixit report is that the trackpad was easy to remove and take apart. "Believe it or not, the trackpad was easy to disassemble! A little bit of heat and an opening pick got us past the adhesive holding it down, and now we can answer the question on everyone's mind: how does this thing work?" the iFixit report said.

However, due to various constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic, iFixit was able to take a deeper look only at the trackpad. At the same time, the report highlights that the trackpad of the Apple Magic Keyboard is the only part that can be disassembled without causing major damage.

This also means that the Apple Magic Keyboard trackpad is the only part that can fully be disassembled by iFixit, at least until the full repair guides are delivered. This might be indefinite considering the lockdown and the increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases.


Should You Buy Apple Magic Keyboard?

The new Apple Magic Keyboard that can be paired with the new iPad Pro is one of the most sought-after devices right now. If you're looking to up your iPad into a full-fledged laptop, the Apple Magic Keyboard is the right choice. Of course, it comes with an expensive price tag. The base variant of the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard will cost you around Rs. 1,00,000 in India.

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