10 Mindblowing Facts you should know about the GooglePlex!

    The fact that Google is the one of the best companies to work with, in the world, is no secret. Another amazing aspect of their work life is the company headquarters - GooglePlex. Located in the town of Mountain View, CA, Googleplex is an office that millions of people lust for and only some get to work at.

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    We dug up the Internet and found out the top 10 most interesting facts about Googleplex that make it the most fun place in the world to work at.

    Google Bikes for commute

    10 Mindblowing Facts you should know about the GooglePlex!

    Google is one company that believes in preserving the environment, and preserve it does. At least in its office premises. As you enter the campus, you will find dozens of bikes parked for the convenience of the employees. These are easy-to-operate bikes that have baskets to keep small belongings during the commute while in the campus.

    T-Rex for your pleasure

    Entering the main campus puts you in front of a huge caricature of an iron T-Rex. Said to have been modeled from preserved T-Rex fossils, the statue looks extremely lifelike and gives an adventurous feel to the entire campus area.

    Award-winning cafeterias

    If you thought that roaming around and sleeping were the best things about the Googleplex, think again. Google also has world-famous and award-winning cafeterias for ensuring that each employee has a scrumptious lunch. These cafeterias offer most popular cuisines, keeping in mind health factors for different preferences of the customers.

    Temperature control in the toilet

    Google is all about that futuristic technology and what better way forward than to put some good ol' temperature control on their toilet seats. The campus' washrooms have WCs where the temperature and water pressure can be controlled via automatic controls.

    Android Mascots

    10 Mindblowing Facts you should know about the GooglePlex!

    The garden area of the GooglePlex is a sight to appreciate for Android lovers. The version names of Android updates are based on popular dessert names, in an alphabetical order. Most of these names like Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow are given tributes in the form of lifelike figures that are located in the external part of the campus. These are popular spots for selfies too.

    Google Garden for growing food

    Another unexpected part of the campus is a designated place for growing organic fruits and vegetables - called Google Garden. Part of Google's participation in 'The Growing Connection' campaign, this initiative enables Google to invite food producers from around the globe to come and improve the methods and quality of growing various plants and vegetables in the campus.

    A feed of live Google Searches

    As you exit the garden area and move towards the main lobby of the Googleplex, you are greeted by a large screen that showcases the recent searches, which users make on Google Search. This screen is all about live updates and thus changes happen extremely fast. It can be ovserved that most of the searches that pop up are related to the general terms that people search for, on a day to day basis.

    Goats for the win!

    10 Mindblowing Facts you should know about the GooglePlex!

    Throw out the lawnmowers, because it's goat time. Yes, you read that correctly. Google hires actual goats to mow and trim their garden area. This is a practice that helps Google score some brownie points in terms of social responsibility and is also fun for the employees working in the field.

    Nap pods for the afternoon siesta

    One of the coolest things about the Googleplex is the facility of nap pods for employees to ward off the exhaustion of workload. Located on every floor, these nap pods are designed in a way to provide near-perfect sleep cycles, enabling employees to get refreshed and back to work in a short time. There is no restriction on any employee for allowance to use nap pods during office timings. There needs to be judicial though, obviously.

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    Free slides for everyone

    10 Mindblowing Facts you should know about the GooglePlex!

    For reviving the child in you, Google has slides for rolling down floors. Although a very weird addition to the campus, slides help light a subtle spark in every employee while he/she is running up and down floors, as a result of stressful work. Slides enable them to relieve the stress, albeit for just a few seconds. This and many other such things are what Google's work policy is based on. The focus is on complete employee satisfaction because each one is treated as an equal partner in the company.

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