Here are 4 to prove holographic technology is bound to shape the future

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Hollywood movies were the playground for designing and reimagining future technology. We saw flying cars (even bicycles), Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars from visionary directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.

4 ways to prove holographic technology is here stay

And our brave and brilliant minds on the planet set out to bring these technologies to real life. Though they are not exact replicas that are shown on the big screen the flying cars and artificial intelligence that have been created so far over the past two decades are technological marvels.

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So, it is no surprise that the most used feature in any movie based on future technology could be the highlight for the next couple of years. We are talking about Holograms.

4 ways to prove holographic technology is here stay

The Holo trend

Even in EA's Dead Space, Isaac Clarke had a rig that projected every information he needed as a hologram. A holographic screen built into smartphones could definitely provide all our information in similar ways. Wouldn't it be fun to see the entire UI just right in front of us?!

4 ways to prove holographic technology is here stay

It is so cool

When the concept of holograms first came up, we as kids found it so cool. That's what was special about being a '90s kid. It was a time that brought many visions about what the future holds in store for us. But the kids of the 21st century will enjoy as these "legends" become real. They will see, hear and, who knows, even feel the environment their messenger hails from.

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4 ways to prove holographic technology is here stay

Limitless possibilities

The HoloLens launched by Microsoft is by far a better option at the moment to experience your apps and Skype calls around your surroundings. But no one wants to wear a head gear while walking around the house.

If holograms do come into consumer's hands (or palms), it could bring the possibilities of taking video calls on-the-spot. Google's Hangouts, Facetime from Apple, Microsoft's Skype, everyone could jump at the opportunity to create their own versions.

4 ways to prove holographic technology is here stay

Industries redefined

Hololens has been aimed to satisfy designers who create 3D models of products. And if the holographic technology reaches the masses, many new start-ups are bound to bring their ideas and services to the forefront.

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