DIY: 8 Hacks to Protect and Fix your Cords in Your Home

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So if your dog or cat chews through your power cord for you laptop, repairing it isn't as hard as you think and could save you a lot of money. But there are times where you can repair the cord by yourself without replacing or buying it.

Today we present you the top 8 hacks that you can use when your cord is damaged.

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Use tubing

Does your dog keeps chewing your cables? To avoid this you can buy a roll of clear vinyl tubing, make a slit down one side of the tubing and slip it over vulnerable cables.

Apply Spiral wrap

If you make things easy, just buy a spiral wrap to sheathe your cords. Moreover, this comes handy when you want to wrap multiple cords together.

Use silicon adhesive

In case if the connection comes apart, you can fix it by shrink tubing method. First of all cut the two pieces of shrink wrap tubing that are 1.25 inches long. Apply silicon adhesive over the each end and fix it where the cord and meets the connecters.

Avoid fraying

Few cords are so light that it will be prone to fraying. You can prevent this by using the clicking ball point pen. Remove the spring and wrap it around the base of the cord.

PlastiDip will fix it for you!

Liquid electrical tape such as PlastiDip or Porformix can be used to repair cracked or frayed cords.

Weld it!

If it is already damaged, you can weld them back using the plastic welder called Bondic. All you need to do is apply the Bondic to the broken area and cure the plastic with the LED light.


If you have Lego people in your home, make them to hold the cords for you. Their hands are perfectly made to hold the cord.

Cable protecto

In order to avoid tangling of cords, use the cords with a cable bridge like this two channel protector or the Vestil rubber cable protector.

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