Take a Sneak Peak at 10 Tech Trends That Dominated The World in 2016

These are some major tech trends of 2016

    2016 is almost coming to an end and all are expecting the start of the new year. There have been a lot of progress in technology over these months and some have emerged as trendsetters.

    Take a Sneak Peak at 10 Tech Trends That Dominated The World in 2016


    Some of these technologies have the potential to penetrate into the daily lives of consumers and enhance the same. Eventually, such concepts will be subjected to further enhancement in the upcoming days.

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    As this year is about to end, we at GizBot have come up with some of the technology trends those have become mainstream or those that have the potential to bring about a great difference in the lives of consumers and businesses. Take a look at some of the tech trends of 2016 from here.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality or VR has been in existence before 2016, but it was restricted to the gaming industry. However, it was only this year that the potential of VR to penetrate into a wide range of industries was realized.

    Video Consumption

    In the current era, everyone is going digital. It is common to see people going digital to enjoy videos. Understanding the potential, brands have come up live streaming of videos to keep the consumers attracted towards them.

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    Wearable Technology

    The wearable devices were in existence since a few years, but in 2016, the wearable market segment has taken a twist. There is an increase in the rate of adoption to wearable technology. It has become common to see consumers using wearables such as fitness bands and smartwatches. In fact, a few companies have even come up with wearable clothing. In general, there is a wider uptake to the wearable devices.

    Mobile Payments

    When it comes to mobile payments or digital payments, the developing markets are actually leading the way. The concept of mobile payments has become a major hit this year and brands have to ensure to incentivize consumers and put the security concerns over digital payments to rest in the coming days.

    Smart Home

    Smart homes will soon become a reality in most places. Companies are gearing up to provide seamless and simple products and solution that will convince the consumers to make their homes smart.

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    Connected Car

    With the increase in the demand to stay connected on-the-go, there is an increase in in-vehicle connectivity. Realizing the same, the automotive players and new tech entrants are collaborating to to bring about the connected car facility.


    The functionality of drone is no more restricted. The drones serve a wide range of applications and it won't be an exaggeration to say that the drone market is projected on an upward trajectory. The businesses are thinking to use drones to increase their efficiency and reduce the cost.

    3D Printing

    There is a significant rise in the appetite for 3D printing. The market can shift from the mass production of customized local products with the 3D printing becoming mainstream.

    Artificial Intelligence

    We are still far from achieving complete AI, but the potential of article intelligence is definitely exciting for the brands. The brands need to think of how they can reach consumers with relevant messages.

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    Invisible Analytics

    The data trails of consumers are growing as everything is going digital. Businesses have to adopt to the analytical culture and think of data quality and not of the quantity.

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