Phones Encrusted With Gold and Diamonds That Can Mesmerize You

We wish owning these was possible!

    Do you think that smartphones are all about specs? If so, then we ought to say that you are wrong. Smartphones are about style as well.

    Phones Encrusted With Gold and Diamonds That Can Mesmerize You


    Who would say no when it comes to using a stylish designer phone? Of course, everyone will say yes, but these designer phones are way too expensive to afford. The reason that these are expensive is that they are made of high-quality materials and have precious stones studded on them as well.

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    Some designer phones will be powerhouses when it comes to performance too. Eventually, users of such phones will be fully satisfied as these phones have a great design and fast performance too. These expensive phones can support all applications you will need and run pretty smoothly. Also, if you use such luxurious phones, then you will look fashionable and updated as you walk down the streets.

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    Falcon Super Nova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

    This smartphone is the most expensive phone that exists in the market till date. We say this as the price of this phone is Rs. 650 crores (approx. $95.5 million). This luxurious smartphone is designed by Stuart Hughes. The highlight is that this expensive variant of the iPhone 6 has 53 diamonds studded around the Apple logo.

    iPhone 5 Black Diamond

    This iPhone model is covered in black diamonds that are very expensive. This smartphone is the second most luxurious one right now with a price tag of Rs. 100 crores (approx $15.3 million). Like the iPhone 6 variant mentioned above, this iPhone 5 model is also designed by Stuart Hughes. Notably, there are only 2 pieces of this expensive phone in the world.

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    Diamond Rose iPhone 4

    The Diamond Rose iPhone 4 variant created by Stuart Hughes is priced at $8 million (approx. Rs. 55 crores). The phone is priced expensively for its interior and features. This masterpiece is made of rose gold and is encrusted with 500 diamonds on the bezel. Also, there are 53 diamonds around the Apple logo. The navigation button is made of platinum and there are 7.4 carat pink diamonds as well as 8 carat white diamonds on the same.

    Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G

    This iPhone 3G variant is priced at $3.2 million (approx. Rs. 22 crores). Designed by Stuart Hughes, this iPhone is encrusted with 136 F diamonds. There are 271 diamonds of 22 carat on the device along with one 7.1 carat diamond that is set on the home button to give the expensive look and feel to the phone. In addition to these, the phone has a rare Kashmir gold finish and there is top-grain animal skin in the interior.

    GoldVish Le Million

    The GoldVish Le Million designed by Emmanuel Gueit was launched in Switzerland. The highlight of this smartphone is the pure and special 18 carat white gold that it is made of. The company made just 100 pieces of this expensive phone, which is priced at $1.3 million (approx. Rs. 8.8 crores).

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    Diamond Crypto Smartphone

    Akin to the GoldVish Le Million, the Diamond Crypto smartphone is also priced at $1.3 million (approx. Rs. 8.8 crores). This phone comes under the category of expensive phones as it uses a power encryption technology that will protect he data saved in the phone. This smartphone is decorated with priceless diamonds that adds to its looks.

    Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

    Launched in Switzerland, this phone comes with a back panel, which is made using African backwoods that is over 200 years old. It is the most expensive wood that is available right now in the world. This smartphone is priced at $1 million (approx. Rs. 6.8 crores).

    Vertu Signature Cobra

    This is one of the most expensive phones available right now. This device has a cobra draped design with diamonds and it is a sliding phone. This Vertu phone is priced at $310,000 (approx. Rs. 2 crores).

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    Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

    This smartphone is a Black Diamond phone from Sony Ericsson. It was designed by Jaren Goh using two 3 carat diamonds. Also, the joystick has a 0.25 carat diamond. There is a LED screen on the phone. This smartphone costs $300,000 (approx. Rs. 2 crores).

    Vertu Signature Diamond

    This Vertu phone has advanced features and is priced at Rs. 60 lakhs (approx. $88,300). The major attraction of this smartphone is the color of diamond seen on this phone. This color diamond is pretty rare and users will love to own this. Also, the model of the phone is pretty stylish to look.

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