Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs Electric Screwdriver Launched: 10 Similar Gadgets launched by Apple of China

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Xiaomi that is known for launching different gadgets has come up with a new product - an electric screwdriver known as Wiowstick 1fs. This device is priced at RMB 199 (approx. Rs 2,000).

Here are Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs Electric Screwdriver and 10 Other Gadgets

The Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs is compact and portable, and it features a pen-like design and an aluminum body. The screwdriver from Xiaomi weighs in around 234 grams and it features a LED shadowless light to use it in the dark.

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This Wowstick 1fs comes with both manual and automatic modes as well. There is a 3-axis self-locking structure in order to protect the motor and the device will offer a maximum speed of 100 rotations per minute. It is claimed by Xiaomi that the Wowstick 1fs features a removable battery that is claimed to work for almost eight hours on one charge.

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Xiaomi is known for launching many IoT devices and here we have come up with a few such devices that will help you on a daily basis. Take a look!

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Mi Umbrella

Lately, Xiaomi launched the Mi Umbrella that can shake off all the water droplets all by itself. It is made using a Taiwanese carom cloth, and it comes with an additional Teflon coating that is water resistant. It can protect users from harmful UV rays.

MIJIA Portable Mosquito Repeller

Xiaomi's portable mosquito repeller is priced at $4 (approx. Rs 250). It has to be connected to powerbank to get into action. The users have to insert a mosquito mat into the device to turn it on and otherwise there is no big technology involved in it.


The Mi Pen is a regular refillable pen that comes with Swiss PREMEC refills. This pen can be used with Japanese quick drying ink that will dry up easily. The device does not break or fade at all. It comes in white and back color variants as well.

Yeelight Bedside Lamp

The bedside lamp from Xiaomi can be controlled right from your smartphone. It can render up to 16 million colors and you can use gestures to change the color, the brightness and other aspects.

Mi Kettle

The Xiaomi Mi Kettle is not a regular electric kettle that will help you in boiling water. It is a smart device and you can control the same with your smartphonen with the help of the Mi Home app.

Mi Rice Cooker

The rice cooker from Xiaomi comes with many smart features. It uses electromagnetic heating technology and there is a magnetic relief valve to control the pressure that is inside. The device can scan the rice used for cooking and adjust the way of cooking automatically.

Xiaomi Toothbrush

The Xiaomi toothbrush called Soocare X3 is priced around Rs 2,300. This device makes use of a magnetic acoustic suspension motor and it provides deep oral cleaning. It is waterproof and there is a care sensitive brush head.

Mi Water Purifier

Xiaomi's Mi Water Purifier is priced around Rs 13,200. You can use your smartphone to control it. It uses the RO process to purify water. This device is suitable for medical water, desalinization as well as bottled pure water filtration.

Li-Ning Smart Shoes

This pair of shoes can be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth. There is a sensor fitted in the sole to track the number of steps taken, the number of calories burnt, and other fitness data.

Mi Air Purifier 2

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 features the Clean Air Delivery Rate and it can remove up to 99.7 percent of the impure particles in air within an hour. This is the second generation air purifier from Xiaomi and it is priced around Rs 7,200.

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