Cheap Apple iPhone Retail Packaging Cases Spotted Online

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Apple's new iPhone "which is said to be a cheaper iPhone from Apple" has been in a leak for quite some time now. Still it keeps popping up time to time. The iPhone Lite has actually made its way to the interest of the ones who are looking for a bit cheaper iPhones. However, it is worth a wait. Isn't it?

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Cheap Apple iPhone Retail Packaging Cases Spotted Online

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Moreover, a convincing images related to a cheap iPhone 5C has also strikingly appeared online now. This time the Chinese publication weiphone has published the image of the iPhone 5C retail packaging cases. The packaging cases clearly projects the name "iPhone 5C".

Nomatter, how inexpensive it may be, is Apple trying to literally signify that "C" sands for cheap? Guess what, appleinsider, has mentioned the feedback from the readers saying that the "C" could stand straight for "Colors". Pretty possible because, there are already several leaks that shows and hints to Apple's cheap smartphone lineup getting colorful appearance.

Coming back to the recently leaked image of the pile of packaging cases of the so called cheap iPhone 5C, Appleinsider also reported saying that the plastic retail packaging was pretty much similar to the latest packaging for the iPod touch, which comes in a similar plastic container.

However, if the retail packaging cases of the upcoming iPhone evidently seen in the bin, turns out to be legit and real, you might see the upcoming iPhone with the C signature for sure.

Reports also suggest that the Apple will possibly announce their new cheap iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S on September 18th followed by an actual launch that is said to happen on September 27th. Moreover, if you want to know more about cheap iPhone, also read our iPhone Lite story.

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