10 Tips and Myths Related to Extending Battery life on Smartphones

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It is a known fact that every smartphone has to be charged as there is a battery in it to power it. With a single charge, the smartphone can be used only for a specific duration.

10 Tips and Myths Related to Extending Battery life on Smartphones

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You might have definitely faced a low battery warning when you need your phone the most for an important purpose. There are quick charging and wireless charging technologies in the market to help you charge your device in just a few minutes.

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Of course, these recent technologies will help you when you need to charge your phone on the go, but there are precautions to avoid such a situation. Well, you can avoid running out of charge by following a few tips. Here, we have come up with some myths and facts regarding smartphone battery life. Take a look!

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Keep things cool

Overheating of the phone and its battery is known to affect the battery life. Many people believe that overheating is due to the overcharging or intensive use of the phone. But, remember that keeping your phone out of your pocket can also overheat it taking a toll on the battery life. The general rule is to keep things cool.

Free apps might be power hogging

There are many apps that are great battery hogs and these are usually the free apps. If you have downloaded ad-supported apps, it means that they have the ability to eat up your phone's battery life with the additional pop-up ads and banners.

All power saving apps might not be useful

Though many people use power saving apps to save the battery life of their smartphone, it is not assured that such apps will do the purpose they are intended to. Sometimes, these power saving apps might also consume the battery life significantly.

Pushy apps might be causing trouble

It is quite convenient to use the pushy apps that will inform you of a new mail or message soon as you receive it. Limit the pushy apps to large time intervals as the app will consume a lot of power to check and send you notifications in the background.

A bright display is not always needed

Many people believe that the auto brightness control setting in the device will save the battery life considerably as the setting can adjust the display brightness as per the requirement. However, this function has to be disabled as it is power hungry.

Vibrations will consume battery power

If you use your phone in the vibration mode, you will get to know that the battery life reduces significantly. The vibration motor in your phone lets the device tremble with excitement whenever you receive a call or message. If you stop vibrations, your phone will get more power for the other tasks.

Use with self control

You need to use your phone with a bit of self control to stretch the battery life. Remember that playing a lot of games, checking social media updates and using the phone constantly will reduce the battery power significantly.

Use the battery saver modes

There are power saving modes in almost all smartphones that are launched these days. Enable the same to restrict background apps, reduce brightness and more. This will leave the battery with the extra life that you need.

Get a battery pack

If nothing works for you, you can get a battery pack or spare battery to use the smartphone whenever you need it without any concern on low battery.

You needn't uninstall the apps that eat up the power

You can get to know the apps that consume a lot of the battery power from the settings of your phone. But, you need not uninstall these apps on a mandatory basis. You can limit the usage of such apps and restrict the background access to the app to reduce the power wastage.

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