13 Reasons Why Microsoft is Much Better than Apple

    Some people think that Apple is better than Microsoft but the truth might just be the opposite. However, the rivalry between the two companies is over, as on one hand Microsoft has developed iPhone apps while Apple featured Microsoft at one of its stage events.

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    Sure Apple is ahead in the mobile sector but there are lots of other areas where Apple can learn a thing or two from Microsoft. Especially when it comes to computers Microsoft is way ahead in terms of sales, number of updates and backward compatibility. So here are some things that Microsoft does better than Apple.


    Windows 10 provides a better user experience at multi-tasking than Apple OS X because here you can just drag an open window to the top of the screen to full-screen it or to the side to make it fill half the screen. It's handy for multitasking.


    Cortana is said to be more intuitive than Apple's Siri in terms of learning its user's preferences over time. Also, Cortana is easily accessible from Windows 10 taskbar and is available on iPhone & Android too. However, Siri is only available on iPhone & iPad, not even Mac OS X.



    While Windows is getting updated almost every year, Apple OS X has remained pretty much the same. Windows has made some bold & cool moves like getting rid of their famous Start Menu and having all your important information displayed on the main screen as well.


    Windows has been always the preferred once amongst the two and now Windows has come up with a new Xbox app that literally lets you stream games from the Xbox One console to your Windows 10 laptop, tablet, or PC. Beat That!



    Though Apple TV has now started to get new sports content under its belly but Microsoft's Xbox One has already integrated NFL footages with people's fantasy leagues.



    With Windows OneDrive you can access all your files and notes from anywhere, any device and not just Windows running systems. Plus, services like Dropbox now have full integration with Microsoft Office



    Microsoft was pretty much the first to bring in a combination of tablet and laptop with its Microsoft Surface Book while Apple was too second when it came out with the iPad Pro.

    Also iPad Pro runs on a limited version of Apple iOS but Surface Pro 4 runs on a full version of Windows and is even capable of running entry level games smoothly.


    Microsoft has been experimenting with apps for Android & iPhone and making impressive advancements like the Hub Keyboard - it reduces the time required to switch between apps.

    Source 1

    Microsoft also researches on things like speech recognition & artificial intelligence, all this results into a technology like HoloLens holographic goggles.

     Source 2


    Project Spark is Microsoft's upcoming project that makes creating interactive content on Microsoft's platforms intuitive and fun. While Apple's Xcode is great for experienced developers but is not that user friendly or easy to understand for an amateur coder.



    Even though Apple has iWork but Microsoft Office still leads the way in offering the best document creation and editing suite for mobile users.


    People App is by far one of the best apps available on Windows or any other platforms for that matter. It integrates all your updates from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in one single app.

    While iMessage only lets you interact with other iPhone users, Microsoft lets you interact with your friends on any platform by integrating Facebook Messaging as a default.



    Microsoft Has Bing - Apple Has Nothing! :p


    You can still run a 20-year-old application on the new Windows 10 but you can't run a 5-year-old Apple application on the new Apple OS X. This is the harsh reality of the Apple world!

    So, Apple maybe all elegant & slick, given its philosophy of simplicity behind all its products & even the brand as an entirety but Microsoft is equally cool & smart as well. What if these companies worked on a single device together! Wonders would happen definitely.


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