6 important things to know about Ringxiety !

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Smartphone Anxiety is also known as Nomophobia - the fear of being away from your mobile phones. This problem has become commonplace and several smartphone users are experiencing this epidemic problem. Smartphone anxiety and related problems are being studied by Experts.

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Since we can do so many things with the Smartphone, Staying away from the Smartphone can create anxiety. Smartphones have led to a lot of behavioral problems in the recent past.

Let's look at 5 things that you need to know about Smartphone Anxiety

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A Woman hit lamp pole and injured herself after she was continuously playing with the smartphone.



People experience stress when they stay away from the smartphone. This can be caused by not checking messages received on Facebook, Whatsapp.



Getting Angry when not using the Smartphone.



Imaginging that your phone is ringing even when it is not

Avoiding physical meetings


Lack of Physical interaction with people and preferring to interact with them only via Phone and messenger apps.



Not being able to focus on your school or college work and being obsessed with the mobile phone.

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