5 Quick Steps to Solve the Heating Issue in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

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Earlier this year, the Chinese handset maker Xiaomi has launched its mid-range smartphone in the form of Redmi Note 3 in India and global market. The company did a massive job selling over 1.75 million smartphones online in India.

5 Quick Steps to Solve the Heating Issue in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 3 got positive feedbacks from both masses and critics for the performance and built quality. In fact, one in every nine smartphones sold online in India was a Redmi Note 3. Besides all these success stories, this mid-ranger also has a flaw--heating issue.

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Almost all the Xiaomi devices get heated up while charging or playing heavy games! The Redmi Note 3 is one among them and today we have come up with the solution for this!

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Kill the background apps!

Some apps that run in the background takes an excessively high amount of storage resulting in overwork of processor and heating issues. Tap on the corner left capacitive button swipe each of them up to close them

Check the connectivity options!

Network connectivity like GPS, Wi-Fi, Data can quickly heat up the device. If you are not using it, make sure to turn it off.

Use quality adapter!

Not using the quality adapter or suitable adapter can cause malfunction in battery, thus causing it to heat. Always use the original or quality charger that was given with the device.

Remove the cover while charging

While charging the smartphone, try to take off the cover! This helps in dissipates the heat that caused due to charging as well. Meanwhile, don't strain the smartphone while charging i.e playing games, or browsing Internet!

Using third party cooling apps is waste!

Apart from cool master, there is no good phone cooler available in the market as of now! You can install the app on your smartphone and monitor the what causes these heating issue. Once you get to know about the issues, you can let the app to cool your smartphone.

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