6 Functions of a Fingerprint Scanner in your Smartphone which might not know

    Amid the rapid growth in technology, the security has become a very important factor in smartphones, as most of them are vulnerable to data theft!

    6 Functions of a Fingerprint Scanner in your Smartphone

    In an attempt to prevent hacking and other anti-social activities, the Smartphone manufacturer has implemented one of the most secured technology in their smartphones in the form of -- Fingerprint scanner! Along with other technologies, the fingerprint tech has also improved a lot equally.

    The oldest and heaviest one of all!

    Moreover, the fingerprint scanner comes in three types -- Optical, Capacitive and Ultrasonic scanners. The optical scanners are the oldest form that involves in capturing an optical image, essentially a photograph, and using algorithms to detect unique patterns on the surface, such as ridges or unique marks.

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    One of the major drawback with the optical scanner is that it is a bit bulky for a smartphone and only captures the 2D pictures of it.

    Capacitors hold electric charges!

    On the other hand, the capacitive scanners are common nowadays, as it involves capacitor, which occupies very little space. This fingerprint scanner uses small capacitor circuits to collect the data about users fingerprint.

    Touch and unlock!

    6 Functions of a Fingerprint Scanner in your Smartphone

    The capacitor circuit will be connected to the surface of the scanner, allowing them to track the details of fingerprint via electric charge as the capacitor can hold on to it. However, the charge stored in the capacitor will change when the finger is placed on the surface.

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    Meanwhile, many complained, as it had a large component in the detection circuits, and required several attempts to unlock. However, gradually they simplified it with just a simple click and touch.

    Latest tech on fingerprint scanner!

    6 Functions of a Fingerprint Scanner in your Smartphone

    The recent fingerprint scanner technology comes in Le Max Pro smartphone with an ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic scanner or Qualcomm Sense ID has transmitter and receiver!

    In this process, the ultrasonic pulse is transmitted against the finger over the surface, where some are absorbed and some bounces back to the scanner surface depending on the ridges and pores. Once the process is done, it produces the 3D reproduction of the fingerprint!

    How it works?Talking about the working process, it comes in three steps!

    Step 1: Once we keep our finger on the scanner surface, it captures the photo in black and white using the technology used in the device.

    Step 2: Then, the fingerprint will be encrypted to a numerical model which stores the fingerprint's unique characteristics in a series of number. This encrypted data will be stored in the database of the phone.

    Step 3: Next time, when you place your finger on the scanner, the encrypted data will compare itself with the stored numerical model.

    6 Functions of a Fingerprint Scanner in your Smartphone

    Functions of fingerprint sensor!

    App and folder lock: You can use your mobile's fingerprint to lock specific folders, gallery and much more. In most of the device, there will be a built-in option for that, otherwise, you can install a third-party app from the store.

    Interactions with apps. In some smartphones, there are options to take selfies, change songs, swipe down to open the notification bar, etc. These above options are available are available in Huawei P9 smartphone.

    Use it for shortcuts

    You can use the scanner to make some shortcuts as well. Instead of going to home screen menu and searching the files, you can set gesture on the scanner to open specific apps.

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    Take Selfie

    While there are lots of options to take a selfie, tapping the scanner on back proved to be one of the easiest methods, besides touching the shutter button on camera UI.

    Pull down notification!

    Chinese handset makers have come up with this feature, where you can simply open the notification panel by swiping it down. This feature is available on Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones.

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