APPLE iOS 10: Here Are the 5 New Features of Siri for Indian Users

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Well, the iOS 10 is out for public now and yeah, it's working for Indian users as well. There are some really cool features in added in iOS 10 for all the users over the world. Now, previously Indian users don't have support to access Siri and with the iOS 10, the company is adding support.

APPLE iOS 10: Here Are the 5 New Features of Siri for Indian Users

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Speaking of the upgrades to Siri, there is a lot of new stuff to play on and here are the top five features added to Siri in the latest iOS 10 updates for Indian users.

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'Hey Siri' Can be used to do anything!

With the iOS 10, Apple is opening to Siri SDK to third-party developers, which means that, in future, Siri will be lot more fun. And, already, we are enjoying with the updated Siri in iOS 10.

I threw a command, 'Hey, Siri. Book a cab for me' and Siri does the rest. It checks for the cab service application in your phone and books a cab right away.


You can Send a WhatsApp Message as well

Not only booking cabs or ordering food other stuff. You can even ask Siri to send a WhatsApp message to your friend and it does the rest, thanks to the developers.

Search for Movies and Actors

With the iOS 10, Siri is also capable of showing movies related stuff. For example, I asked 'Hey, Siri. Suggest me some Journalism movies' and yeah, it showed some of the Journalism movies right away with ratings as well.

Siri Works with Almost Every Third-party App

Siri is also capable of taking commands from almost every third-party app like the Facebook Messenger, Facebook, PinInterest, etc.

Navigate Through Siri Easily

You can even ask Siri for directions such as 'Drive me to Bangalore' and it opens up immediately. However, there are some pronouncing issues, though, but can get the job done most of the time.

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