No! Using Phone While Charging Is Definitely Not The Reason For Explosion

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Considering the recent battery explode incidents including Samsung Note 7, iPhone 7, Samsung J5 and S7 Edge and more, the mobile companies blamed the way users charge their phone batteries and more.

Using Phone While Charging Is Definitely Not The Reason For Explosion

There are several misinformation spreading across mobile users about rechargeable batteries including not to use a smartphone while putting in charge else it might just explode.

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To be honest, there are absolutely no "terms and conditions" on when to use your phone and when not to. Hence, the reasons stated behind the Samsung, iPhone, and other smartphone's battery explode, "person was using a phone while charging" and "overnight charging" and more are absolutely a myth.

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Here are a few myths that mobile companies are using as their reasons behind battery explode incidents. Well, believe it or not, such claims are absolutely fake.

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Not Charging Batteries To Full Will Not Affect the Phone

Absolutely a myth! Smartphones today use Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries which have no terms and conditions on charging the batteries. The user can charge the batteries whenever they want, and it will no way affect the phone's performance.

It Doesn't Matter Which Charge You Use

Yes, it doesn't matter which charger you use to recharge your phone battery. Whether it's a cheap charger or the official one, its doesn't matter as the amount of amperage or voltage any charge produces is the same.

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Of course Charging Overnight Will Make No Difference

We have seen Samsung Note 7, iPhone 7 and other phones explode recently, and the reason that the companies have given is "overnight charging", which is an absolute myth. Charging your smartphone overnight make no difference and doesn't affect the phone in anyway.

It’s OK to Leave Your device ON When Not in Use

It is often said to switch OFF your device when not in use, to avoid battery draining. Well, this is yet another myth that people often believe. Just in case if you're not using your phone, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to switch it OFF. One added suggestion is to uninstall the apps that are not in use to further save your phone's battery from draining.

Switch OFF Your Phone When Charging

There's this myth, that switches OFF your phone and charging may save your phone from exploding. It's a myth! Charging with the phone switched ON will not result in battery explode. Such incidents are a result of manufacturing defaults and not how you use your phones.

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